My First Nutribullet Smoothie in India: Cucumber Papaya Smoothie

Remember I told you about how I brought my Nutribullet all the way from the US, only to have it burn on its first use?

Well, Shekhar got me a voltage stabilizer, however its input is 160 to 280 volts, and I needed 120v. I decided to try it anyway. (Call me desperate; I love my smoothies).

Today’s smoothie was a Cucumber Papaya Smoothie.

I used a frozen banana for creaminess and nutrition, some fresh papaya, some frozen papaya for coldness, a couple limes because they are small here in India, some mint leaves, cucumber, leftover coconut water from a fresh coconut, a bit of honey, and water.




I also made some chai in the meantime. (On the stove). Did you know chai means tea in Hindi?


I make mine with black tea, Indian ginseng, tulsi (also known as holy basil), cardamom,  ginger, sugar, and milk.


Moment of truth.



So, it worked. But it still smelled a bit burnt and released dark stuff at the bottom from the burnt engine. My Nutribullet is not dead, but I think I’m slowly killing it. I need to find a converter for the 120v it requires.



Voila. I had to make due without proper smoothie glasses, so I used a mug and a small floral glass.

It turned out really yummy. I actually also totally meant to add cashews or almonds for a bit of  protein, but completely forgot.

Recipe: Cucumber Papaya Smoothie 

Makes 1 large smoothie


1 Cucumber

2 handfuls of Papaya (fresh or frozen)

8 Small Mint Leaves or 4 large

1 Frozen Banana

Juice of 2 small limes or 1 big one (lemon works too)

1 cup Coconut water or plain cold water

2 tsps Honey (or preferred sweetener)

10 Cashews or Almonds

2 tbsp of Greek Yoghurt


Blend until smooth! And serve with a straw.



4 thoughts on “My First Nutribullet Smoothie in India: Cucumber Papaya Smoothie

  1. With this stabilizer now your nutribullet works properly.
    I also got my nutirbullet from US . But as you have mentioned i tried with convertor and was finding that i was killing my NB. So have contacted electrical vendor to make a stabilizer which can convert 50 Hz to 60 Hz …
    If possible can you give me specifications for your stabilizers.

    I really liked all your smoothies recipes. Pl go on posting. In India to find spring greens is difficult. Instead of spring greens what you recommend other than spinach.

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