The Joy of India: From The Archives


Lately I have been writing quite negatively about India with all my latest culture shock posts. My intention is to run an honest blog, so I’m not going to be writing about how awesome and easy life is as an expat if it is not true, and I am not just going to write about the positive things that happen. I will write about both the good and the bad, and so far it has been more of a struggling adventure than an exciting adventure. So to lift up the mood, I decided to share some of my photos from our mostly happy trip to India last January before we moved here, and show you the joy and the great people and culture of this country.

(All these photos are from January 2013 in Ahmednagar)

me sunset india
Me and the sunset. (photo by my brother)
sea of people
Josh photographing the sea of people.

bright indian women happy indian kids happy man mehndi

5 thoughts on “The Joy of India: From The Archives

  1. I appreciate your honesty. I think sometimes family back home just see the pictures – the good times – and thinks the expat life is just one exciting adventure. Which it can be, but included in that adventure is lots of stress and times that are not all that fun. So as a fellow blogger and expat, it’s refreshing to read about your struggles as well as your joys. I can relate 🙂

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