A Culinary Day in India


This short film by The Perennial Plate compiles three weeks of filming, traveling and eating in India into “one day”.

You can almost taste the food, smell the smells and feel the warmth of the sun as it sets. Full of energy, joy, and culture, this is what India is about.

This video will make you hungry for India.



8 thoughts on “A Culinary Day in India

  1. Oh Mani, this video has made me sooo nostalgic right now…do you think it is alright if I share this it with readers on my blog? Of course, I will link it with your blog post 🙂

  2. I LOVE these guys! I wish I lived their lives, but I can enjoy living vicariously through their fantastic films. They’ve done some great ones about Turkey too. Hope all’s good with you guys x

  3. impresionante y una pequeña vista a la riqueza cultural de la India, gracias por compartirlo…saludos desde el caribe mexicano!

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