How To Use Your Nutribullet In India or Australia

My Burnt Nutribullet
My Burnt Nutribullet

Oddly enough my most popular post is Nutribullet Fail (And Smoothie Recipes), and I have found that many people reach my blog wanting to know how to use their Nutribullet in India and Australia.

When we moved to India, I took my Nutribullet with me, because it happens to be amazing and my favorite smoothie maker. The first time I used it in India, I used only a plug adapter. This burnt the motor of the Nutribullet but I turned it off before it killed it. Then I learned that I also needed a voltage converter.

Based on research and lots of people’s advice and experience, I have gathered the information you need to use your American Nutribullet in India and Australia, and therefore in many other countries where the voltage is also 240v.

What you need to know

Nutribullet: 120 Volt / 60 Hz / 600 Watt Motor (old version) 900 Watts (new version)

USA: 120 Volt / 50 Hz / A & B plugs

India: 240 Volt/ 60 Hz / C & D plugs

Australia: 240 Volt / 50 Hz / I plug

There is no watt mentioned in the manual or appliance. What do I do?

If your equipment’s wattage is not available, then you can still figure out the power rating (watts) you need by calculating it using the following formula. Note: You will need your equipment’s amperage and voltage ratings to calculate the wattage: Volts(V) x Amp(A) = Watts(W). For example: 120V x 1.5A = 180W, therefore recommending a 270W-360W transformer.

What you need

To use your American Nutribullet outside of America, you need the correct plug adapter/voltage converter (to adapt different countries) and a step down transformer. 

What kind of voltage transformer should I get?

It’s recommended that your voltage transformer’s wattage be 50-100% greater than your appliance’s wattage. Items such as TVs, power tools, and microwave ovens require up to 3 times the wattage displayed. This requirement is due to the power surge that occurs when the appliance is first turned on.

For the Nutribullet with a 600w motor,  ideally you should use a transformer with at least 1.5 times the watts of your appliance; that would be 900 watts for the 600w Nutribullet. Never less than the wattage of your appliance.

Some people have said that 600watts has worked for them but I personally would want to use at least 900 watts. It will probably work with lower than that, but the lifespan of your Nutribullet would be cut significantly; it will probably work for a few months, and then die.

 What kind of plug adapter do I need?

Even though India and Australia have the same voltage, they don’t use the same plug. To see all countries check this link.

source: Wikitravel

Where to find a plug adapter

Plug adapters are easily obtainable and are cheap.

1. You can find them at any travel store (REI, Dick’s, etc), and big stores like Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, etc.

2. Amazon:

Where to find a voltage transformer

1. Amazon (browse different options)

1000 Watt (good for appliances of 900W or less): Goldsource Voltage Transformer Converter – AC 110/220 V – 1000 Watt

2000 Watt (good for appliances of 1900W or less): Rockstone Power 2000 Watt Heavy Duty Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer Converter

2. Ebay India (a reader shared this link with me)

3. In India, you could try your local  cell phone/electronic repair shop. If you are in a city it is more likely you will find it. I failed to find the one I needed in the small town where we resided. If you can find it in India, it will probably cost a lot less than if you buy it in the USA.

Now go make a delicious smoothie!

My Beet Grape Nutribullet Smoothie
My Beet Grape Nutribullet Smoothie

Note: My Nutribullet is in India, and I am in the US, and I haven’t had the chance to use my Nutribullet in India with the correct transformer, so I don’t assure 100% that these options will work, but like I mentioned, I gathered the info from thorough research and real people’s advice.

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” Regardless, I only recommend products I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. All opinions are mine. 

48 thoughts on “How To Use Your Nutribullet In India or Australia

  1. Hi! Your post is amazing and very helpful but I was just wondering that in the little NutriBullet book that I recieved with my NutriBullett (american) it says that do not use it with adapters and voltage converters because it is set to US and Canadian standards. Your post tells me that it is still safe to you use it however is that guaranteed? I’m in Europe using a Type C plug and I haven’t purchased any adapters or voltage converters get because I’m a little worried to try it. What’s your opinion on this?

    1. Well.. it would be by far best to use it with only US and Canadian (and Mexican) standards but sometimes people want to use them in other countries. If you really want to , you can try to use it with adapters and converters. I tried to give my best advice on that. If it broke, the guarantee might not cover it. It’s a risk, but one that might pay off.

  2. Hello. I found a diff one. First I would like to thank you so much. Because many times I have searched n never found a transformer like that, only because I would search adapter instead of transformer. I am flying to Europe in two weeks and my girlfriend there has hair iron that burns out my transformers every single time. This time I am prepared. The problem with the transformed u have shared with us, is that they r too heavy. Especially the 5000v one it is 43 pounds. The others lower ones are like 27 lb. I found one with 4 stars rating on Amazon that is only 23 lb. n is 5000wats. Half the weight. I will put it in my carry on bc it will take my whole big bag which is allowed to be 51lb.

    ELC T-5000 5000-Watt Voltage Converter Transformer – Step Up/Down – 110V/220V – Circuit Breaker Protection

    This is the o
    Transformer I was talking about. I hope I have helped someone the same way u have helped me.

    Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Mani

    After a lot of effort in procuring this sweet little thing, I’ve finally got my hands on it. I’m super excited to use it, but want to ensure I’ve got the right converter and don’t burn it.
    Can you Pls check both the links below and let me know which is the best one for this gadget.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Manasa, you will need both the voltage converter plug (the one in the link is fine) and the step down transformer. The transformer though is recommended to be at least twice the wattage that you need to connect. The nutribullet is either 600w or 900w depending on which one you have. So you would need a transformer that can take at least 1200w. The one in your link is 750w. I hope this helps!

      1. Hi Mani,

        First of all, thank you for this post; it’s really helpful.

        I used my Nutribullet 600 with the small voltage converter, but not with a bigger transformer. It worked fine for about 5 times. Now it wouldn’t start. I’m hoping I didn’t bust it. There was no burning smell or anything like that.

        From your reply to Manasa I gather that I need both the small voltage converter AND the big step-down transformer. Is that correct?

        Do you reckon that if I do that it’ll start working again?

        Thanks a lot for your help!

  4. Has anyone used a transformer with a nutribullet rx? I was wondering if 5000w is sufficient or if something bigger is required due to the initial power surge.

  5. Hi I bought the nutribulett RX 1700W – 2.3HP motor from State with a US plug 2 pins!! How can I use it safely in United Kingdom?
    Would appreciate feed back please

    1. Hi Brigitte and Katy, I apologize for not responding sooner.
      The UK uses 240V same as India and Australia, so you can use the info in this post to use your US nutribullet in the UK and find out the formula of what transformer you need. The only difference is the plug. You would need a US/UK plug adapter on top of the transformer/voltage converter. Like this one:
      For a transformer since you have a nutribullet with a really powerful motor, you would need a transformer that adapts to at least the same amount of of watts, in your case 1700W, but it’s better to go a little higher to extend the life of your appliance, like this one:
      I hope this helps!

  6. Hi, Mani,
    I m facing the same problem as you. I brought in Nutribullet from US to Malayaia, yet, I couldn’t find transformer or voltage onverter for it.. I do appreciate If someone can share with me where to buy the converter. I am using Nutribullet 120/60Hz/600w max. Thanks

    1. Hi Michelle, if you want I can send you a voltage transformer. Try searching for it in some electrical shops. Pretty basic thing,just need to be careful about the vA rating. Mail me if you need anything.

      1. Hello Ritesh, yes! I need help on tat, would be very much appreciate if you can share the link for me to purchase transformer otherwise my Nutribullet blender can’t use in Malaysia.
        Thank you.
        Best regards,

  7. Hi All, I got into a similar situation with a Black and Decker Waffle Maker 900W purchased from USA, with polarized plug. The difference is,I knew that a voltage transformer was needed as voltage had to be converted from 220V to 120V or 110V. The volt-Amp rating is what matters in order to run the machine smoothly, else you will risk burning the motor. If any help is needed in sourcing a transformer,let me know. As rightly pointed by Mani, never ever try to use only a plug-in adapter to run the 120V appliance.

    1. Hi,
      I bought the nutribullet in America but I want to use it in Spain. Do you how can I use it, bucause the voltage here is diferent?
      in Spain is 220v. I guess that I should buy a voltage converte, but I do not wich one and where?

      1. Just ask for a 220v-120v converter and it will work fine. if you need one,I can provide you with it.

  8. I am in usa and using nutribullet, now I will be back to india next month and I really want nutribullet in India. So where in India (mumbai) I will find this nutribullet with exact voltage that I can use (voltage is 220).
    Kindly help.

  9. hi mani
    Afnan from delhi. I bought nutribullet rx17 from
    but i dint know about the voltage n direct pluged in 240v socket n it is shot switch plate
    now what should i do plz help

    1. Hi Afnan, if you nutribullet is broken I don’t know where you can take it to fix it. If it came with a guarantee maybe you can contact the company for a replacement. I’m sorry it broke. If you fix it or get a new one make sure you use a transformer.

  10. I use my nutribullet in the Philippines and we run a 220v current here. I use it with a 750W transformer and havent encountered any issues so far. Been using it for over 8 mos now.

  11. Wow this is such a helpful post- thank you!! Any chance you’ve used your NB in Mumbai since you posted this? Mine should be arriving in the next few weeks so want to make sure I have the adapters etc sorted beforehand.

    1. Yes, well, I used it in Maharashtra. But I posted this and researched because at the time I didn’t know and I used it with only an adapter and no transformer/stabilizer and burned the motor. Then I got a stabilizer but it wasn’t the right wattage. It was hard to find the right one where I was in a very small town. So I thought I should share my knowledge for others to avoid my mistake 🙂

    2. Hi kushboo.

      I came across while researching the nutribullet. I haven’t been able to order it online, where in Mumbai did you buy it?
      And since you have had it for a while, what are your reviews?


      1. Hi! I actually bought my nutribullet in America and brought it to India which is why I needed the converter and transformer. I love it, it is really powerful and can blend pretty much anything as long as there is some liquid in there. It’s not for just dry foods. You can make smoothies, sauces and blend soups when they have cooled.
        I think you may be able to buy one through Ebay India. Not sure where else.

  12. Hi Mani!!!
    so im looking at buying this bad boy… …. i live in Australia, so from what i understand from above, i need a plug adapter (from US to AUS). Plus a voltage transformer for it to work… is that correct? they are the only things i need to make the Nutrilbullet to work? do you know any places in Australia i can buy the two from? or do i have to find them online?
    thank you, great blog btw XD

    1. Hi Helena!
      I highly recommend the nutribullet.. I’ve had both the 600 w and the newer 900 w one. I would almost suggest that you buy the older 600w version
      because it works wonderfully. I haven’t seen any difference with the 900w one and I’ve even heard lots of things about the blades getting broken on the newer one.
      Yes, what you need is the adapter plus the voltage stabilizer/transformer. I honestly have no idea where you can get them in Australia, sorry. 🙂

      1. hi Mani,
        yeah i had heard about the newer one breaking as well, but unfortunately i am unable to buy the 600 watts off amazon, and to buy it off the Australian shopping channel will cost me $289 !! Which is ridicules….considering in america you can get it for around about $90.
        do you have any idea what type of Voltage converter i would need to buy ?

        1. Oh I see. Well I have the 900w now because my father gifted it to me and so far so good 😉
          The converter should take at least 900w since that is what the appliance uses. It’s recommended that your voltage transformer’s wattage be 50-100% greater than your appliance’s wattage.
          If you use the bare minimum, your appliance might work but its life would be reduced.
          I hope this helps 🙂

    1. Hi Shelly, you definitely need a stabilizer also. These converters don’t take much wattage, if you use your nutribullet only with a converter it will burn. The nutribullet uses a 600w or 900w motor depending on which one you bought.

      1. Hi Mani, Thanks for the quick reply. Its a 600W Nutribullet. What stabelizer are you using? By any chance would you know where to get one in Mumbai? Thanks again.

        1. They are possibly found at electronic or cell phone repair shops. Make sure you get one that takes at least 600w. They’re the size of a small/medium box. If you can get one with more watts, it’s better so that the life of your nutribullet is not shortened.
          You can also try searching in

  13. Hey… m back! The same person who wanted to buy Nutribullet off you in India. ;D
    Well, I finally got myself one during a short trip last month… yahoo! I couldn’t wait to try it out once home (and literally didn’t wait) and ended up putting it straight in using the US/India socket converter. What next, sparks and carbon residue at the bottom. My heart sank that I’d never see it running again. With trembling hands I found a 100/110 volt “adapter” but it was too weak on wattage to do anything. It gave a miserable chug at the motors at 70W – but atleast I knew NB wasn’t completely dead. I tried an old voltage stablizer which gave out sparks and carbon residue again. 3 seconds of total run.
    I’m quite disturbed at this point, and in frustration decide to check with google on the possibility of NB still being alive the second time. No surprises, landed on you blog (again). Interesting.

    Anyway, I’m ordering one of the adapters you mentioned from Ebay. Fingers crossed, let’s see how it goes.

    PS: Btw, there’s a new, sort of improved, more powerful 900W NB in stores now. I didn’t read any spectacular reviews of it (in fact a few were negative), so went ahead with the good ol’ one.

    1. Hi Rahul! Your story sounds exactly like what happened to me, you should’ve learned form my mistakes! Hehe. I hope your nb is not completely dead. Let me know how the transformer works. I still haven’t gone back to India, so I haven’t been able to try mine again.
      I heard about the 900w one, but I wouldn’t be interested since the older version worked so good! 🙂

  14. Hi Mani,
    Are you using the nutribullet in India now with all your updated instructions will it work? Have you managed to try it? What do you think of magic bullet as compared to nutribullet?

    1. Hi there,
      I’m sorry to say I have no used the nutribullet in India with the options and information I gathered since I haven’t been back. I think the magic bullet can do a good job, it might take some more work to process stuff and you have to chop things smaller, and it probably can’t take everything like the nutribullet does. Personally, I think the nutribullet is way better.

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