A Day Trip to Astoria and Seaside, Oregon

Seaside, OR beach

Last Saturday, Josh and I decided to spontaneously drive to the coast of Oregon. We made two stops. One in Astoria and a second in Seaside, our first time in these places.

The weather was a bit chili but pretty perfect. I mean, chilly. (I could’ve just edited the word but I thought it was funny to leave it.)


That bridge is 4 miles long.

We didn’t spend much time here, but we really liked it. The town is really charming. We drove up to the Astoria column and climbed its 162 steps where I found out that I am out of shape, however I did not stop; I slowed out at the end but I didn’t stop. Josh is a jogger and he was impressed that I kept up with him but by the time we arrived to the top, my lungs and my chest were hurting and my saliva became thicker. You know that feeling? It sucks. The way back down was a lot easier.

astoria1 astoria astoria3 astoria4 astoria7 astoria2 astoria6

Then we drove South to Seaside.


Lewis and Clark's last Oregon trail stop.
The end of the Lewis and Clark trail.

Visiting an Oregon beach was quite an experience for me as it was very different to all of my other beach experiences in my life which are pretty much in Mexico and the Caribbean where it is always warm and so is the water. It was weird being at a beach fully dressed up and wearing a sweater and a scarf. But nevertheless super enjoyable. I loved it. The view of the mist water against the beach “mountains” was beautiful, so was the sunset and the atmosphere around.

After a delightful walk along the beach promenade, with had a burger, some fries and a beer, and then some gelato from the gelateria (chocolate and pistachio).

seaside1 seaside3 seaside4 seaside5 seasideseaside6 seaside8

It was a great way to spend a Saturday.

3 thoughts on “A Day Trip to Astoria and Seaside, Oregon

  1. Nice little day trip……you know something about stairs?? No matter what kind of shape I am in…I am ALWAYS huffing and puffing when I climb them!

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