10 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With London

Trafalgar Square in the rain
Trafalgar Square in the rain

London is one of my favourite cities in the world, if not my favourite. I spent a year there and loved everything about it. There are always things you like and don’t like about a place right? But truly, the only thing I did not like about London was the price. Expensive, yes. Wondrous, also yes.

Reasons why I fell in love with London:

london big ben

1. The international feel. Everywhere you go you overhear different languages and not necessarily from tourists, there is a culture mix in a really good way.

2. The museums. The Tate Modern, the National History Museum, the Science Museum, the National Gallery… and the fact that they offer free admission.

Southbank, London, UK
Southbank, London, UK

3. The beauty. Taking a walk along the Southbank promenade, and the river with views of the Big Ben, and the bridge, and the Golden Hour light bathing its surroundings making everything look mesmerizing and feel delightful.

london uk

Hyde Park fountain
Hyde Park fountain

4. The parks. I lived about a 5 min walk from Hyde Park, one of the largest parks of London, and it was the best thing to be able to walk there whenever I felt like it and take a long peaceful walk, or bring a book and sit on the bright green grass and watch the royal swans glide through the water, watch the fluffy squirrels chase their friends, watch the flocks of birds create art patterns in the blue sky, and watch lovers and friends laugh and kiss.

Royal Albert Hall
Royal Albert Hall

london park squirrel

5. The Tube. I love the London Tube (metro system). As a person who has a broken internal GPS, and in my mind nothing is where it really is, the tube made my life very easy since it has stops everywhere around the city. If you get lost, you can just take the tube back to a place you know. You can go across the city without worrying about driving on the other side of the road and worst, getting lost. You can meet friends wherever they tell you to meet, no issues. And after dark, when the tube closes, the bus public transportation is a saviour to get you home after a few drinks.

Neon Signs at the Tube, London
Neon Signs at the Tube, London

6. It’s in Europe. Europe is just the best continent by far, sorry, not sorry. And one of the things that makes it so great is that neighboring countries are really quite close. You can drive or fly or take a train to a completely different country at a relatively close distance.

london night1

7. The shopping. Oxford Street has everything you need. Of course, it is always crowded but I’ve literally had a few dreams about going shopping in Oxford Street. Covent Garden is great to for walking around, doing some shopping and eating.

Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus

8. The accent. Who doesn’t love a British accent? I do, and I love British people too. I get their humour. Since English is my second language, after about a year of living in London, I was starting to catch on the accent. I would’ve loved if it stuck, but after about a year of living the US, it went away. 😦

london night

9. The style. I’m totally into coats, boots and scarfs. That is my favorite outfit and it is so London. I may like wearing a bit more colour than local Londoners do, but nonetheless, I’m into it and black will always be in.

Tea time at the Washington Duke Inn
Tea time at the Washington Duke Inn

10. The tea. I love tea! I’m definitely a tea drinker, not a coffee drinker. I’ve always been. My go-to drink in the morning is always black tea whether it is English Breakfast, Early Grey, Irish Breakfast, or Chai, I just love my tea. I don’t celebrate tea time like Londoners do, but I would love to. Scones, biscuits, tea sandwiches… I’m totally in.

and even the rain!

More umbrellas!
So many umbrellas at Trafalgar Square.

I think I was British in a past life. (And Italian in a different past life).

A ship in London, UKlondon gate

Snowy Hyde Park
Snowy Hyde Park
Do you have more reasons to love London? 

29 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With London

  1. Hi Mani. I have never been to London, but it does sound lovely. After all, it is famous worldwide for reasons. Wonderful photos and yes, I agree that Europe is the best continent by far! 😀

  2. I agree with each of these points! London is one of my favourite cities!
    I’ve changed the URL of my blog so if you still want to receive my post notifications please press the follow button here: http://www.fromdreamtoplan.net/ 😉 (the old one will be closed soon!)

  3. Perfect post, Mani. You have an eye for the romantic heart of the city. The thing I love about London, as aforementioned by many, is that it is a city for anybody, and if you can’t find it in London, you won’t find it anywhere! Jx

  4. I’ve been living in NYC for 8 years and even though I have had a wonderful love affair with it, I am seriously considering moving to London within the next couple of years. Looking through your photos took me back to it and made me realize how much I fell in love with it! It really is a magical city with a little bit of everything for everyone 🙂

  5. Being British I might be a little biased, but I’ve travelled quite a bit and I’d still pick London as my number one city. You’re photos are so beautiful too. Really do the city justice!

  6. Oh my Mani!!! In the middle of the post I already wanted to live in London… seriously! I do believe in everything you said and agree with it! I have been to London only 2 times – planning the 3rd one now – and from my impressions it is exactly as you say 😀

  7. Thank you for sharing this list, Mani! I’m excited to experience all of this when I move there early next year! If you have any further tips or places that you’d recommend to a London newby, please do share!

  8. What a lovely list Mani and I really like your photos.
    As a British person, I’m delighted that people like and love London. I live in Berlin now but still, I like to go back to the “Big Smoke” whenever I can. I guess another thing to love is that even though London is technically expensive, you can still find ways around this by going to theatres and restaurants on certain days like Mondays or on Saturday Matinees. There’s even a cinema just off the corner of Leicester Square that shows films for about $5.00 and if you really know where to look, you can even watch them for free as they are always looking for people to watch films and review them!
    Thanks for sharing Mani. 🙂

    1. Well I should’ve looked further into those deals when I lived there;) I loove going to the movie theater 🙂 I think I went to the Leicester Square one with a friend who had a bring a friend kind of deal from her mobile company. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Great list, Mani. I would add music to the reasons I love London. There are always concerts going on somewhere, classical or rock. Hope you come back here some day!

  10. Beautiful photos! I have only left London less than a week ago and I am already missing it! The good thing about London is that is feels like home to anybody. You don’t even need to have lived there for a long period and London will still make you feel at home

  11. I so want to go there, but my friends are afraid I’ll try to stay forever.

    Of course, they’re right 🙂

  12. My home town, and you’ve done it justice! Awesome pictures and descriptions … will keep my eye out for banana man 😉

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