10 Days In Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Russia

Kremlin, Moscow
The Red Square, Moscow

My trip to Russia has been one of the most interesting ones in my life. The culture and the beautiful architecture is overflowing in these cities. The Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg remains one of my favorite places to visit in the world. It is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world.

I visited in the summer of 2008. It’s been a while. I flew from Stockholm to Saint Petersburg and spent 5 days in Saint Petersburg and 5 days in Moscow. During these 10 days I actually learned how to read Russian without studying it. How is that possible? During the time, at least at the places I found myself going to, English was very lacking even at my hotel. Travel survival led me to learn to read Russian, mostly so I could get to places via the metro, the best way to travel around. I did not know what the words meant, but I could read them, I started learning how every letter was pronounced.

A semester of Etymology class in High School came in so handy! The Latin and Russian alphabet have a lot of similarities. To this day I can still read some Russian. Of course I also learned a few words during my stay like thank you and how to buy metro tickets. I forgot most of those words though.

I gathered my pictures from the trip and made a few many edits to share them with you. My photography has definitely improved since then.


Saint Petersburg airport
Saint Petersburg airport
Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, Saint Petersburg.
Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, Saint Petersburg.

st petersburg russia 3

Visiting the Cosmonaut Museum is highly recommended.

At the Cosmonaut Museum.
At the Cosmonaut Museum.
Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia (A monument to the Russian Monarchs)
Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia (A monument to the Russian Monarchs)

Experience the culture by attending a Russian Folk Dance performance.

st petersburg russia folk dance1

A vodka shot was included.

st petersburg russia  folk dance

A room inside the Hermitage.
A room inside the Hermitage.
My communist-looking hotel.
My communist-looking hotel.
The metro station.
The metro station.

Have a Russian beer at the park, with very dirty shoes. It’s totally allowed.

Nevskoe beer at the park.
Nevskoe beer at the park.
A pet bear at the park.
A pet bear at the park.

Take the train to Moscow.

Taking the train to Moscow!
Saint Petersburg train station.


st petersburg russia

The Red Square is a must-visit in Moscow.

moscow russia kremlin

moscow russia red square

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia
Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

Visit the Izmailovsky Market. AKA Russian souvenir paradise.

I bought a bunch of stunning matryoshka dolls and even some unpainted ones so that I could paint them myself!

Moscow, Russia
Outside of the Izmailovsky Market

You can also find out how many cats, mouses, bears and elephants compare to your weight with the animal scale the zoo.

moscow russia scale animals
Apparently 12 cats and 2400 mouses weigh like me, 31 of me makes a bear, and 831 of me makes an elephant.

moscow russia landscape moscow russia 4 moscow russia  red squre

I had to take the train back to Saint Petersburg to take my return flight. No complaints.

The train from Moscow to St Petersburg
The train from Moscow to St Petersburg
Inside he train from Moscow to St Petersburg
Inside the train from Moscow to St Petersburg

18 thoughts on “10 Days In Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Russia

  1. Not sure how I missed this until just now. I spent 10 summer days in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2009, liked Moscow and absolutely LOVED St. Petersburg. Definite culture shock though. Red Square, the Hermitage, and the Peterhof are incredible, as are the White Nights of summer in St. Petersburg.

    1. Oh wow, we did almost the same thing. I’ve never heard of these White Nights of summer in St. Petersburg. I probably missed them or just never heard about them. I think I went in late July. I also completely agree on your statement of liking Moscow and loving Saint Petersburg.

  2. I love St Petersburg and your photos make it look like a dream world! I feel very sorry for the bear – my hubby and son went to the St Petersburg zoo and it was awful how the animals were treated there 😦

  3. Great article, with lots of beautiful pictures. You reflected the real Russia with its amazing sights. Maybe the most time consuming and difficult is visa process, but trust me, the tour you will have totally worth it!

  4. Ooooh wow!!! This looks so amazing (minus the poor bear on a lead. Hopefully that doesn’t still happen). We are off to Russia in July actually so this was a good teaser. We are in Moscow first for 3 days and then Russia for another 3…. hopefully we have enough time. We are also travelling by fast train between the two cities. Was yours a sleeper??

  5. Oh your pictures make me want to be back there so badly!

    Did you get a Russian visa through a hotel or a tour agency? I really miss Russia but getting a visa is such a pain..

    Ps. I think the mosque you have under Moscow is actually in St. Petes.

    1. I remember the visa thing being complicated, they required all kids of things like an itinerary with a tour company etc.. I found a website where I could pay them to get me a visa and it worked out. I booked my hotels separately and went without a tour or agency. I wanted the freedom.
      Since its been a while, I don’t know which website it was, sorry.
      About the mosque, I wasn’t sure! Hehe.. thanks!

  6. Hahaha I love the way you write!! I definitely need to go there, looks really amazing and must be very different than other cultures from what I hear! Great photos by the way! 🙂

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