Photo Excursion To King Ahmed’s Tomb in Rural India

King Ahmed Basu's Tomb in India
King Ahmed Basu’s Tomb

King Ahmed Basu’s Tomb is not one of India’s most visited attractions, odds are you have never even heard of it even if you are from India or even from the state of Maharashtra where this tomb is located. But somehow a Westerner I know who lives in India, knew about it. When I traveled to India he invited me and another guy to come with him on a photo excursion. So an American, a Mexican, and an Israeli got their cameras ready for the field trip. 

More specifically, this tomb is located in Ahmednagar, a small Indian city about 2 hours away from the bigger Indian city, Pune.

It was a very interesting and fun experience and I captured quite a bit of it. Even though I did cover my head, I did experience post-trip heat exhaustion. But it was worth it.

king ahmed tomb india 6 king ahmed tomb india cowKing Ahmed's Tomb, man and cow in Indiaking ahmed tomb india me king ahmed tomb india2 king ahmed tomb india7

As we further explored we came across one big family (or a few families) who live in the premises. We could not communicate but they seemed quite joyful and hardworking.

king ahmed tomb india10king ahmed tomb india11king ahmed tomb india14 king ahmed tomb india17men bricksindia street colors woman

There were also a few animal inhabitants: cows, goats, dogs, birds… And I’m sure the occasional snake and other small creatures.

Indian Cow

king ahmed tomb india nests1
Pendant bird nests.

king ahmed tomb india1king ahmed tomb india23 king ahmed tomb india22

Click on the gallery below to continue the excursion from the comfort of your seat.


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