5 Reasons Why I love Doing The Dishes

My idea of fun.

Doing dishes is by far my favorite chore. Every time I cook I try to use as many kitchen utensils so that I have more to wash. I always offer to do the dishes and insist if necessary; even if I am a guest at someone else’s home.

Reasons why I love doing the dishes:

1. Since I am short and sinks here in the US are large, my proportional short arms don’t let me wash dishes in a comfortable position since the faucet is never at a comfortable distance. My back has to be constantly slightly bent for me to reach the faucet and rinse every dish, and during the whole duration of the dish-washing process my knees lock up and my back strains causing me back pain.

I love back pains. 

2. Whenever a dishwasher is available, I will always prefer to use it and I fill it up over the course of a couple of days before I start it. A full dishwasher holds quite a bit of dishes to put away, which means having to bend down over and over to unload a full dishwasher. It helps my back problems.

I love being 25 and acting like an old lady. 

The best feeling!

3. I love a house that is clean. I grew up in a house that was always clean and I got used to it. When I became a homemaker, I realized that I am kind of a clean-freak because I got spoiled about cleanliness. So I find myself washing dishes as much as possible while I am cooking, and after dinner even if there is a different activity I want or need to do.

Yesterday, as soon as I got up from the table and grabbed a few dirty dishes to take with me to the kitchen sink, I looked at the clock and found out that Jeopardy had just started playing. (I love Jeopardy). Instead of leaving the dirty dishes there and waiting to wash them until the show was over 30 minutes later, I had to go ahead and do the dishes (and pack a lunch), and then complain that the show was over when I was done.

If my husband offers to do the dishes and he doesn’t wash them soon enough, I end up doing them myself even though I told him to wash them whenever he wanted as long as it was that day.

I love how dirty dishes bring out the OCD in me. 

4. Since I find myself washing dishes constantly (after breakfast, in between cooking, after lunch, in between cooking, after dinner, and after dessert), my hands are becoming really dry and I find that they get cuts more easily and they become itchy at night. I haven’t gotten into the habit of wearing hand lotion.

I love having itchy and dry hands.

5. In my lifetime, I will always have to do dishes because I will always be cooking and even if I get some help, there will always be some other dishes I need to wash.

I love that I am doomed to always having to do the chore I hate the most. 

15 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I love Doing The Dishes

  1. I have a mixed reaction here! I like to do dishes at intervals not instantly like soon after I am done with one utensil. I heap them up and go by size and some crazy order that only i can figure out. I get a satisfaction seeing squeaky clean dishes.

  2. I like to vaccum (for real!)….there is instant gratification….yuk floor-clean floor…and I got nuts for that little ‘click, click’ sound of the vacuum doing its job!

  3. Oh boy I cant live without my dishwasher! Its already hard enough to put stuff in there hahaha but what Im crazy about is putting things back to where they belong, it makes me feel relieved 🙂

  4. I “love” doing dishes too. I “love” the never-endingness of the job, how once you do them, more always appear. Isn’t that phenomenon just so fabulous? 🙂

  5. When I’m on camps or away from home with a lot of people, I love doing dishes. You get to chat with so many people and the singing is so fun! Plus it keeps the hands busy and the mind free and sometimes I use it to get my introvert time. At home it’s another story.

  6. I’m not quite sure if you really do like to wash dishes but my wife does and boy am I glad I found her. Because I love to cook and always leave a mess.

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