Two Amazing Nights In A Sanctuary In Washington

Hubby didn’t have to go to work last Thursday and Friday so we decided to head towards Washington to have a little fun. Hubby found a perfect place just about an hour from where we live in Oregon; a little piece of paradise in the middle of nowhere Washington. We booked two nights through airbnb and it was the absolute perfect summer getaway.

This wasn’t planned at all, it was pretty spontaneous as our lives usually are (even though I love and I’m great at planning.)

We had an amazing two nights/days. It was like the honeymoon that we never had. We had amazing views, perfect weather, private sauna, hot tub, bikes, wine, Mexican food, friendly dogs, gardens, lakes, fireworks, movies, world cup… We stayed at a little sanctuary on top of a hill. The owners live in the main house and we had our own suite and yard around and below them.

Our private outdoor area.

Our suite from inside.
The owner’s friendly rescue dog.
Outdoor wine drinking was the first activity we partook in.



Later, we took the complimentary bikes for a ride



We rode the bikes to a Mexican food place in the tiny town about 4 miles away

Delicious refreshing horchata
Delicious refreshing horchata
Waiting for the food
Waiting for the food
I had to proceed to eat this with silverware after the first bite.
I had to proceed to eat this delicious torta de milanesa with silverware after the first bite.
Mexican soccer team pride

On our way back we took more pictures


mossyrock6 mossyrock7 mossyrock8 mossyrock9 mossyrock10

Enjoying the sunset after the sauna.
Enjoyed the sunset after the sauna.

The next day…

We had American fare at the viking cafe, you know, chili dogs and milkshakes.
Lots of firewood around.

We hung out at the nearby marina

We simply sat on the dock and enjoyed some sun. We couldn’t afford to rent anything because of deposits, but we still had a pleasant time seeing all the people get in their boats for a 4th of July celebration.

mossyrock12 mossyrock13

And we took a pleasant walk in a hidden garden

There was no one there, it was so peaceful.

At night we watched Roman Holiday


And during the morning we watched some football, I mean soccer

We had a meal al fresco

And s’mores!


We saw the 4th of July fireworks from a distance from our peaceful retreat.

It was really two perfect days with my hubby, a perfect overdue, little honeymoon.


3 thoughts on “Two Amazing Nights In A Sanctuary In Washington

  1. The grounds and nature were absolutely beautiful. Am glad you found some peaceful quality time, which included sharing the experience with us. Thank you! Now it’s off to plan one of my own 🙂

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