Surrounded By Greenery During A Hike In Eno River State Park


Eno River State Park is a 4,200-acre state park in Durham, North Carolina. Together with the adjoining West Point on the Eno city park, the two parks preserve over 9 miles of the Eno River and surrounding lands.

Eno River State Parkย offers secluded wilderness trails with the serenity of a clear river drifting and cascading over a rocky stream bed.

During our 3 mile hike we were pleasantly surrounded by greenery, wood, and sometimes water. It was a very soul-refreshing hike. You don’t even have to go to go far form the city to encounter this amazing environment.

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I love suspension bridges, don’t you?


11 thoughts on “Surrounded By Greenery During A Hike In Eno River State Park

  1. I have been wanting to go to Eno River and I just found out about it like last week! Which, is pretty sad since I live in Raleigh! I love this post and your pictures are beautiful!

      1. So this is random but did you eat anywhere in Durham or Chapel Hill after the hike?! I am a foodie and I am always looking for good spots to grub and if you said a place was good I would definitely take your word for it!

        1. I kinda got excited about this question. I lived I Durham for 3 years (2010-2013) and I am a foodie as well. I definitely have some recommendations! Our absolute favorite was Guglhupf for brunch, but we also went for lunch, dinner and bakery, and it was all amazing.
          Toast has the best italian style sandwiches and you HAVE to try their goat cheese crostini.
          Fullsteam Brewery is an awesome place for beer and they often have food trucks, which are also amazing in Durham.
          The Parlour has some of the best ice cream I’ve had in my life.
          Bull City Burger and Brewery has delicious burgers.
          Pizzeria Toro has the best pizza.
          And I could keep going!
          In Chapel Hill I recommend the Top of the Hill Restaurant. ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. You are the best Mani! I have been to Guglhupf for brunch it was SO good. It is one of the most highly rated places in Durham! Thank you for the recommendations! I will be trying all of them :).

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