Barista Coffee and BrewCycle in Portland

portland brewbike4
Happy people on a pub crawl on the BrewCycle Portland

Two of the best things in Portland, Oregon are coffee and craft beer. You can find a plethora of both coffee shops and breweries all across Portland, and if you randomly end up in one chances are the coffee or beer you taste will be great. 

barista coffee portland me 1

Barista is a perfect example. After hubby and I had brunch on a sunny day in the Pearl District, we decided to walk around and we found a coffee shop.

barista coffee portland barista coffee portland mebarista coffee portland4barista coffee portland2

There was no menu, and even though it meant they were serious about their coffee, I kind of didn’t like that but I forgave them after I tasted my drink. I ordered an iced vanilla latte, which was wonderful, and 2 small chocolate chunk cookies. Hubby got an espresso, he was impressed by the effort it went into making it.

barista coffee portland me 2barista coffee portland3

Hubby was also intrigued by the unique flavors of the local cocanu chocolate they were selling. How would you like some bee pollen or pop rocks in yours? Hubby went with palo santo wood. Huh? Wood in chocolate?

barista coffee portland6

The chocolate was alright. We couldn’t taste the wood flavor, it was just infused with it after all. Maybe the other flavors are more pronounced.

barista coffee portland me2barista coffee portland me5 barista coffee portland5portland brewbike

Then we saw the funniest thing go by. A communal bike called the brewcycle.

portland brewbike2

The people on it were on a pubcrawl to four different breweries in Portland. Although you are not allowed to drink on the bike, all the people in it were exuding tons of good energy. They were definitely having fun and it was the perfect day too.

portland brewbike5 portland brewbike6

I was once on a walking pub crawl in Berlin, Germany. It was a lot more fun than I imagined, so I would think this bike version would be a blast.

What’s your pick, coffee or beer?



539 NW 13th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209

Weekdays from 6am to 6pm
Saturday & Sunday from 7am to 6pm

(Plus two more locations in Alberta and Downtown)

BrewCycle Portland

1425 NW Flanders St

Cocanú Chocolate

Chocolate produced in Portland Oregon.

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