My Favorite Ski Resort Town: Whistler, BC Canada

whistler canada snow

Since I was a little girl, my family took me skiing. We used to go to Vail, Colorado for many years. One year, they decided to try a new place: Whistler in BC, Canada. We all fell in love with it. The mountain, the trails, the town, the restaurants, the shopping, everything was great. So we kept going every year.

Me as a little munchkin in Vail, Colorado
Me as a little munchkin in Vail, Colorado

We stopped going about 6 years ago when most of us went separate ways and lead lives on different schedules, but I still cherish my memories in Whistler and often miss skiing there.

At Whistler Mountain
At Whistler Mountain

Whistler is about 80 miles (about 125 km) North of Vancouver, so we used to fly to Vancouver and then drive up to Whistler. We would spend a few days in Vancouver to enjoy this amazing city. I would live there in a heartbeat.

whistler bc canada snow
Cloudy and foggy day at the mountain.

On foggy days, visibility in the mountain is limited. I remember skiing during these times and it is an adrenaline rush. You can barely see the person skiing in front of you. Not the safest time to ski but fun nonetheless.

whistler bc canada snow3
At the base of the mountain.

whistler canadawhistler lift snow ski canadawhistler canada me snow whistler canada whistler bc canada snow1 whistler bc canada snow2 whistler bc canada snow5 whistler bc canada snow6

whistler bc canada snow4
Coming down from the mountain on the gondola after a big day of skiing.

whistler bc canada snow7

Have you ever gone skiing? Do you have a favorite ski resort?

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