Pastels Around The World

acapulco milkshakes
Bright pastels (oxymoron?) at a shake shack in Acapulco, Mexico

I love pastel colors. They are just very cheerful without being overpowering. I even painted my giant kitchen island a blue/green pastel color. I was able to find quite a few pastel colors in my travels around the world. Enjoy!

boy india window
An Indian boy inside a pastel blue house.
Neon pastels
Pastels all around in this street in India.
portland barbershop11
A pastel green across the street in Portland OR
pink ceiling india
Our pink ceiling in our house in India.
A tub containing free for all chalk in Portland, Oregon.
A tub containing free for all pastel chalk in Portland, Oregon.
We drank a lot of bottled water in India.
Yellow and blue in Seaside, OR
Le Pichet seattle
Nice pastels at Le Pichet Restaurant in Seattle
portland waterfront11
Pastel green and blue at the waterfront, Portland, OR
The pink path. (Taken in India)
Pink and purple colors in a path in India
Pastel yellow and pink in India.
pizza night
Pastel pizza party in India
Pastel scenery in India. Neighbor chat.
Which one was your favorite?

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