Autumn in the Small City of Laconia, New Hampshire

laconia new hampshire3

On 2010, hubby and I were homeless. We had decided to pack our belongings, hop on our Camry and drive along the East Coast from Florida to New Hampshire stopping in different places until we found our new home.

We slept in friends’ and acquaintances’ homes as well as in many, many cheap hotels and motels, and even several nights in our car at rest stops which was actually not too uncomfortable. It was quite a road trip.

Laconia, New Hampshire was our Northest stop. 

laconia new hampshire1

Laconia is a small city that we had never heard of until we got there. There really isn’t much there but we ended up staying at a weekly rate place for almost a month. We got to experience fall foliage and it was stunning.

laconia new hampshire sunset
Sunset over the lake from our room.

laconia new hampshire2laconia new hampshire4 laconia new hampshire5

This is him after he crashed his plane in the jungle.
Josh after he crashed his plane.

laconia new hampshire6 laconia new hampshire7 laconia new hampshire8 laconia new hampshire9

To see more amazing foliage photos check out our trip to Cannon Mountain one hour drive from Laconia.

The view of Cannon mountain from the aerial tramway.
The view from the Cannon mountain aerial tramway.
Where is the most amazing place you have experience fall foliage?

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