50 Things I Am Thankful For

fruit flowers.jpg
Hubby’s surprise shopping gift of flowers, berries, mango, cupcakes, other fruits, chocolate cake = happiness.

With Thanksgiving as inspiration, Cee invited us to list at least 50 things that make us happy. Here are mine:

1. Dancing
2. Dancing in the kitchen
3. Eating out
4. Good food
5. Brunch
6. Dark Chocolate
7. A supportive partner
8. My family
9. My friends
10. Game nights
11. Movie nights
12. Drinking chocolate
13. Tea
14. Art
15. Museums
16. Google
17. God
18. A warm apartment
19. Having the cooking gene
20. Christmas
21. Fresh flowers
22. A good song coming on the radio
23. Singing loud in the car
24. Being able to see the stars at night
25. Mountains
26. Jeopardy
27. Baking
28. A clean home
29. Travel
30. Wes Anderson
31. Robin Williams
32. Trader Joe’s
33. Smoothies
34. Unwinding
35. Reading a good book
36. Spring
37. Fall
38. Bakeries
39. My laptop
40. My cats being funny
41. My cats being cute
42. Nuts
43. Breeze
44. Gifts (giving and receiving)
45. Farmers Markets
46. Red wine in the winter
47. Cashmere
48. Berries
49. Window Seats
50. Making my flight connection

What are you thankful for?

4 thoughts on “50 Things I Am Thankful For

  1. What fun to read your list. Today I am most grateful for good health for my family and myself. I have a friend my age whose husband is terminally ill. A reminder that every day is so precious and a gift.

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