How To Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel

germs plane travel

Many people think that you can easily get sick when you fly because of so many people in an enclosed and cramped airplane space but truly the air in an airplane is constantly being circulated and is actually quite clean. What can really get you sick is the germs on most of the surfaces.

Read more about how to avoid these germs:

It might be worth it to bring sanitizing wipes and look like a clean freak than to get sick. Would you?

8 thoughts on “How To Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel

  1. Thanks so much for these great tips—I never thought about the trays and aisle seats—I used to love aisle seats because I hate sitting still that long, but this definitely changed my mind!

  2. Wow, good to know all of that!!
    I cant even count how many times I had allergies or got a cold after flying! One flying from Brazil to Miami I spent the entire flight sneezing… it wanst fun 😦
    Well, good that I never sit on the aisle! And I hate going to the bathroom… I probably only go if its a too long flight!
    Thank you for sharing this information 😀

  3. As a freak about to norovirus, I freaked a little yesterday when I read the article but to be honest. I always sanatize my hands after using the washroom & I was lucky enough to never get sick. I will definitely start to clean the tray though! Haha.

  4. I’ve never done it before but when I travel next it’ll be with my baby so I’m definitely busting out those wipes :p Who cares what people think? I’m not spending my entire visit home dealing with baby sniffles 😝

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