Laughter Around The World

indian children

Laughter is the best medicine. Who said that? I don’t know but I actually find it quite true. Even by just looking at these photos I can feel the joy growing in my heart. Please enjoy!

My friend and I were having lots of laughs as we were being silly in the French Alps:

val disere skiing france4

And the laughs kept going after we were done skiing. I think these were “tired laughs”:

val disere skiing france20

In India, laughter is quite common. No idea why these women doing laundry by hand were laughing:


And if you look closely, the old man on the right is definitely having a laugh:

india kids

There were laughs for hubby and I too, when we met in India in 2008:

Hubby and I when we met in India. (2008)

And this Indian kid is cracking up from seeing himself in the camera:

happy indian kids

In the video below you can hear the audience laughing non-stop during this donkey derby race at a rodeo in The Dalles, Oregon:

During a traditional Maharashtrian Indian birthday celebration there are laughs during the cutting of the cake:

Traditional birthday celebration in Maharashtra, India.

And during the feeding of the cake to guests (part of the tradition):


Finally, we find more laughs in India when the guy in the right attempts to hide his beer as I take a picture of them:

game night india

I hope this brought a bit of joy to the beginning of your week!

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