Serenity Around The World

val disere skiing france9
A serene scene in the French alps.

Peaceful, tranquil, quiet. Who doesn’t enjoy all of those three adjectives? It sums it up to serenity. I’ve found the most serenity to be in nature and to be provided by nature (think sunsets and sunrises.)

Just looking back through these images to those moments in the past provides a sense of serenity, imagine being in the moment itself.

No one else but hubby and me at Mirror Lake, Oregon.
acapulco mexico beach5
This moment of my life was very quite serene just enjoying some ice cream and the sound of waves in Acapulco, Mexico.
Chilling in the car at the park.
Another quite serene moment just chilling in the car at the park, until the leafblower man showed up.
COR winery washington9
A serene space at a small winery in Washington.
At Eno River Park, we enjoyed a very serene hike/walk.
Another peaceful moment for us, just chilling by the water in Washington.
Enjoying the sunset after the sauna.
Absolute serenity, enjoying the sunset after the sauna.
india moms rural
These western moms enjoy a peaceful walk in rural India.
cancun pool mexico
Another perfectly serene moment at the pool looking out to the ocean in Cancun, Mexico.
duke gardens durham turtle
I think this turtle at the Duke Gardens in Durham, NC is pretty tranquil.
Hyde Park fountain
A fountain in Hyde Park in London, one of my favorite places to take a peaceful walk.
Meher Baba's Samadhi, India
One of the most peaceful places in the world, Meher Baba’s Samadhi in India
portland waterfront6
Autumn, benches and the waterfront create a perfect serene moment in Portland, OR.
buddhist temple5
You can find quite a bit of peacefulness in a Buddhist temple like this one.

Which one of these moments would you like to be in right now?

15 thoughts on “Serenity Around The World

  1. What great pics and such an excellent array of serenity. You are lucky to have been to so many different places and thanks for sharing these cool spaces with us 🙂

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