Sunshine Around The World

mthood oregon lodge11

I am not a hot weather person, but I am a sunshine person. Does that make sense? My favorite day would be a chilly but sunny day, where I get to wear scarfs and boots but I can be outside and feel wonderful. Sunshine really lifts up my mood and I think everyone else’s too.

It wasn’t easy finding sunshine specific photos in my archives, but I think I found a few!

the dalles oregon rodeo5
Sunshine makes its way behind the bleachers at the rodeo in The Dalles, Oregon  
Shirtless guy getting free ice cream. Why not?
Strong sunshine makes guys take their shirts off.
Sunshine makes parks look beautiful. Eno River Park in Durham, NC
Sunshine makes families carry coolers to the local fair. (Rainier, OR)
portland sunset road
Sunshine during sunset is the best kind, in my eyes. Portland, OR
The sun shines above this Russian food cart.
portland deck
A perfect afternoon on the terrace with a cupcake, a glass of wine and sunshine.
hidden beach3
You will find the sun shining on the other side on the way to the river beach.
Arriving to Pheonix
And the sun will shine above the clouds too.
full frame festival volunteer
Here the sun shines as I volunteer for the film festival in Durham, North Carolina.
Sunset in India
And finally the sun coats the scenery in beautiful warm tones in India.

Which one was your favorite?

10 thoughts on “Sunshine Around The World

  1. I’m definitely a sunshine person, too. These photos are all beautiful, but i especially love the terrace with cupcake and wine. Simple and peaceful!

  2. I love those crisp cold sunny winter days too…the summer sun makes me go slow! I like the terrace shot the best with the sun streaming in 🙂

  3. I really love these photos, and I agree that sunshine is the way to go- unless it’s a Canadian cold snap and sunshine means -30 instead of -10! 😉 You’ve inspired me to dig through my own sunshiney photos and do a post of my own.

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