25 Things I Did Before Turning 25

Mom and I in Paris. (2007)

I recently came across Gandhironak blog post and since I am 25 now, I was inspired to write my own. You can do a lot in a quarter of a decade, but I can’t even imagine all the other things I will do in the next 25 years.

So before I turn 26, here are 25 things I did before turning 25:

1. At 6 years old, I took my first trip abroad all the way from Mexico City to India.

2. I participated in several annual national dance competitions, made it to the finals several times and even won 1st place once.

3. Won a Senior Award for “Most Random” in High School. That’s a pretty random category if I must say so.

4. Moved from home for the first time after graduating High School all the way from Mexico City to London, UK.

5. Backpacked around Europe for 2 months on a tight budget.


6. Were in 3 relationships that lasted longer than 11 months (including my current one.)

7. Won medals for archery.

8. Won a medal for a horseback riding contest.

9. Sold my first painting at 12 years old. Well not technically as my mom refused to sell it because she wanted to keep it, so it’s still in her dining room.

10. Attended film school and made 3 short films.

filming hyde park london

11. Attended and camped in two 3-day music festivals in two different countries.

12. Volunteered for a Film Festival 3 years in a row.

full frame festival volunteer
Volunteering at Full Frame Festival. 2012

13. Traveled to 21 countries.

14. Lived in 4 countries and 7 cities.

15. Got caught on a flying trapeze.

16. Learned to read Russian during my 10 day trip to Russia through pure instinct and my etymology knowledge.

st petersburg russia park beer
Drinking beer in Russia

17. Got married twice! (To the same person.)

18. I let go of my comfortable life and society’s expectations for a life of surrender and adventure.

19. Walked through a labyrinth in Austria.

20. Partied till 7 am (in New Year’s).

21. Swam with dolphins.

22. Learned to cook and got really good at it.

pea hummus5
Green Pea Hummus

23. [Snow] Skied on black diamond trails.

24. Had a shot of vodka with an ice shot glass in an ice bar in Amsterdam.

25. Had a Belgian waffle in Brussels.

Can’t wait to see what other adventures await me in the future.

10 thoughts on “25 Things I Did Before Turning 25

    1. Hi Hayley, thanks! I think if you really think, you can definitely come up with a great list even if it’s not something crazy like skydiving, it could be any time you did something out of your comfort zone, or overcoming a bad habit, you know? Thanks for stopping by!

  1. What an amazing list. Seriously, this is what life is about: learning and experimenting and trying and exploring and making mistakes and having fun, etc. I have a feeling that I’m going to get a lot of inspiration from your blog. 🙂

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