25 More Things I Did Before Turning 25


When I finished my first list, I realized there were more things I wanted to include, so I made a second list.

It is nice to reminisce about the big and small, the fun, the accomplishing, and the brave things I have done in my life. There are many of these that I had forgotten about or rarely think about up until I started proactively thinking about points to add to the list. Even if you haven’t traveled far, I am sure many of you can sit down and think about many things you have overcome or felt proud of in your life, even if it was a small thing in the eyes of others. I invite you to make your own list and do it either privately or share it.

So here’s my next 25:

1. Hiked up a snowy mountain.

2. Sold all my possessions except for a full big suitcase and moved across the world.

3. Went zip-lining in Mexico.

4. Had a pilot stripper blindfold me and dance with me (as a birthday surprise from my friends and against my own will by the way.)

5. Explored underground caves in Budapest.

6. Studied Italian and French.

7. Volunteered as a cook/server at a shelter many times.

8. Was the wedding director assistant of two weddings.

9. Took an analogue photography course and developed my own photos in a dark room.

10. Adopted two cats and raised two more.

11. Joined a crowd of about 25,000 people to keep silent for 15 minutes during the Amartithi celebration in India.

Amartithi in India
Amartithi in India

12. Helped build a home.

13. Took at least one class of all the following: karate, tennis, flamenco dance, piano, soccer, Tahitian dance, guitar, aerial silks, folklore dance, hip hop, and ballet.

Aerial Silks
Aerial Silks

14. Got accepted to 5 universities in London.

15. Dropped out of college/university.

16. Went parachuting at the beach.

17. Got a free upgrade to First Class on a long flight.

18. Traveled by boat, ferry, cruise ship, big plane, small plane, car, bike, scooter, rollerskates, auto rickshaw, donkey, horse, train, bus, tram, yacht, metro, kayak, and double-decker bus.

Train from Moscow to St. Petersburg
Train from Moscow to St. Petersburg

19. Was in a car accident and a waverunner accident.

20. Got a tattoo, and someone tattooed my own design!

21. Invented my own color.

22. Got out of a 9-month depression without shrinks and pills.

23. Swam in a cenote.

The fresh underground waters in a cenote in Cancun.
The fresh underground waters in a cenote in Cancun.

24. Participated in a fashion show.

25. Held a human brain.

6 thoughts on “25 More Things I Did Before Turning 25

  1. You’ve lived quite a life 🙂 Very inspiring! I especially love all the classes you’ve taken- I imagine one needs to become very strong to excel at aerial silks!

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