Red Around The World

moscow russia kremlin
The State Historical Museum of Russia at the Red Square in Moscow

Red is one of the boldest colors. It can be associated with blood, danger, courage, sacrifice, heat, passion, sexuality, and love. I find it really interesting how this color can be associated with such contrasting concepts. It sure makes things stand out.

I have captured my fair share of photographs around the world where the color red as the main subject in the image.

label gmo food car portland
A red “fishy apple” on a “Label GMO food” car in Portland, OR
dhuni india fire6
The red sari really stands out from the crowd.
mercado de jamaica mexico18
A sea of red created by Nochebuenas (poinsettias) at a market in Mexico City.
The night lights in Portland create a red scene.
The red room inside the USS Blueback Submarine.
train tracks india
A red shirt and red fence by the railroads in India.
feet shoe paris museum red
An modern art exhibition of a giant red shoe in Paris, France.
rock werchter music festival europe belgium
Red concert lights at the Rock Werchter music festival in Belgium.
india gas station1
A red tractor filling up with gas at the station in India.
Pike Place Market Seattle
The red roof and sign at Pike Place Market, Seattle
cityfair portland6
The red Photo Parlor at the Portland CityFair.
sunshine mill winery the dalles7
The red walls inside the Sunshine Mill Winery, The Dalles, OR
The truck is watching.
A red truck staring at you in India.
Yes it is.
A quinceañera red gown by the waterfront in Portland.
A room inside the Hermitage.
A room inside the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia
The Beatle's "Strawberry Fields" were actually based on the ones in this picture. Liverpool, UK
The Beatle’s “Strawberry Fields” were actually based on the ones in this picture. Liverpool, UK
Rickshaw man’s red hair.
tulip farm oregon 9
Red tulips at Woodburn, Oregon
Fire truck.
Red fire truck in rural India.
durham snow red bird
A red bird stands out amongst the white snow in Durham, North Carolina
museum of flight seattle
Entrance to the Red Barn of the Museum of Flight, Seattle

Which one was your favorite?

19 thoughts on “Red Around The World

  1. What a diverse collection of images! I really like the cardinal, the room inside the Hermitage Museum, and the quinceanera.

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