Symmetry Around The World

Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria

I really love symmetrical photography. There is something just so aesthetically appealing about symmetrical lines. However, in spite of my appreciation, apparently I don’t take that many photos that are symmetrical but I found several from across my travels to be quite symmetrical but not exactly as they don’t totally meet the definition of symmetry by not having exact opposite sides if you were to fold the image in half. They are symmetrical enough to be featured in this series though. Enjoy!

On the way to Mt. Hood, Oregon.
Waterfront bridge in Portland, OR
Hanging bridge at the Eno River Park, Durham, NC
bw airport stairs
Escalator at the airport
cityfair portland5
Ferris Wheel at the CityFair, Portland, OR
king ahmed tomb india 6
Gate from the King Ahmed’s Tomb, India
tulip farm oregon 6
Tulips in Woodburn
cathedral mexico city
La Santísima Church, Zocalo, Mexico City
museum of flight seattle
Strolling the aisles inside the British Airways Concorde
portland colorful houses1
Houses in Portland, OR
museum of flight seattle
“Carrying the Fire” pin, in honor of Apollo 11
buddhist temple3
Buddhist Temple
The pink path. (Taken in India)
The pink path, Meherabad, India
syncline winery washington2
Winery vineyards in Washington
music performance
Performance stage in Meherabad, India

Which one was your favorite?


17 thoughts on “Symmetry Around The World

  1. Very unique theme about symmetry. Loved it. May be next time you can do a post on symmetrical things found in nature. Just a thought. Good Luck 🙂

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