Meet Biddy, The Traveling Hedgehog

I first encountered Biddy on the web when my husband shared a link with me last week and it made my whole day! The pictures of Biddy traveling across the Pacific Northwest made me really smile. I could even recognize some places that I have been to. It didn’t take me long to ask the owner’s permission to share Biddy on my blog for all you guys to see this little guy adventuring and enjoying himself tremendously.

Biddy’s owners Toni and Tom from Oregon have taken Biddy across Oregon, Montana, Wyoming and Washington and he has experienced amazing sceneries from waterfalls to lakes, to more urban places like donut shops and Cinco de Mayo festivals.

How can these photos not make you smile?

Yellowstone National Park
Lewis and Clark State Park
Larch Mountain in the Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon


Biddy does most of his adventuring solo, but he is sometimes joined by his sister, Charlie, who is a Welsh corgi, Chihuahua, Papillion and Beagle cross. The pair explore Mount Hood National Park together.

North Falls, Oregon
Biddy keeps warm in Glacier National Park in Montana
Mt Hood on the background.
Biddy hikes to Mirror Lake.
Biddy was able to accompany his owners to Crater Lake, Oregon when the weather got warmer.

Biddy stops by at Joe’s Donut Shop in Sandy, Oregon, for a mid-journey snack to see family on Father’s Day.

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You are welcome.

19 thoughts on “Meet Biddy, The Traveling Hedgehog

  1. Superfun pictures! Definitely made me smile:) I can’t believe they are bringing this adorable little creature on their travels, adorable!

  2. I asked my kids what animal they thought this was and the oldest said “a porcupine” while the youngest pretty much got it right “it’s a hog, it lives underground”. How does he know that? Anyway, super-lindo ese animalito. What a great idea. The adventures of itty bitty Biddy 😉 Thanks for sharing

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