Wood Around The World


I just love looking at wood. It is very aesthetically pleasing to me, and I love the sense of serenity it provides. I love interiors that are highly decorated with beautiful woods, wooden floors, wooden beams, I love fireplaces, and wooden objects. There is just something about wood that I am really attracted to. It might be part because I am an Earth sign, who knows.

With that said, here is a series of photos of woods I’ve captured across my travels.

cannon beach oregon22
Driftwood at Cannon Beach
Wooden signs in the Mirror Lake Hiking Trail.
astoria oregon trolley7
The historic Astoria trolley built with lots of wood.
sugarcane india
A hand-made wooden fresh sugarcane juice machine in India.
hood river oregon9
A funny-looking trunk of a tree in Hood River, OR.
king ahmed tomb india18
A wooden door in rural India.
vienna architecture door
And a well taken care of wooden door in Vienna, Austria.
cannon beach oregon2
Wooden stairs approaching Cannon Beach, OR
boys fort portland
Beautiful wooden coasters.
museum of flight seattle
The Wright brothers wooden airplane prototype.
vintage eye vision test
A wooden eye vision test tool.
The Black and White Tree Lovers.
The black and white tree lovers.
A squirrel enjoys some food atop this wooden trunk.
astoria oregon brewery
A stunning wooden interior at a bar in Astoria.

Which one was your favorite?


15 thoughts on “Wood Around The World

  1. Aha! Another person drawn to the beauty of a woodgrains in timber! My home has evolved with my love of timber objects, interiors and furniture to look like a Norwegian mountain cabin!! Yet I still can’t get enough of wood. I always look for more. As for the photos, great collection. I think the Austrian door is amazing and the wooden coasters…. of course. What kind of tree are they from, do you think?

      1. If you really want a home like that, it will happen. The decorations in my home have evolved over the last two to three decades. Occasionally you will see a little bit of my home here on my blog. Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment.

        1. We move all the time, that’s the problem. So we usually don’t do many changes at all to wherever we’re living because eventually we’ll probably move again. Seems to be a pattern in our life. But I still have many years to settle in a beautiful home πŸ™‚

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