Long Beach, Washington – Bed & Breakfast, Kites and A Marina

long beach 06679

We were just hanging out in Astoria, Oregon about 1 hr and a half from our home when instead of driving home that night, we decided to go further and explore Long Beach, WA. We spontaneously booked a room at a Bed & Breakfast and that weekend turned out to be the annual clam festival with all kinds of events going on.

We enjoyed the sunset at the beach, our B&B, the Saturday Market at the Port of Ilwaco, wind and kites at the beach, and delicious fudge. 

long beach 06609

It’s about 30 minutes from Astoria, Oregon to Long Beach, WA via the Astoria-Megler bridge (pictured above) and about another 10 minutes to get to the Campbell House Bed & Breakfast at Klipsan Beach.

long beach 06811

When we knocked on the door Peter wasn’t expecting us because we had only made a reservation a couple hours ago and he had not checked the internet. But he was very friendly and our room was completely ready for us. Talk about amazing hosts!

long beach 06813

Right away we decided to walk to the beach with one of their dogs who accompanied us to enjoy the sunset.

long beach 06617 long beach 06618long beach 06620 long beach 06635long beach 06643 long beach 06646

I took off my shoes as we hit the sand but after a few steps I ran back to get them because my feet were freezing!

long beach 06700

In spite the chilly weather we had fun at the beach and enjoyed the sunset.

long beach 06709

Then we relaxed in our room, which was the Master bedroom. They also have other rooms available for booking.

long beach 06785
The view from our room.

long beach 06786long beach 06787long beach 06790

Not bad huh?

long beach 06792

The next morning we were treated with a nice breakfast which made us feel in Europe. It included a selection of cheeses and cured meats, smoked tuna, hard boiled eggs, english muffins, quiche, fresh fruit, yogurt, orange juice, coffee and tea.

long beach 06796

long beach 06799
A nice selection of teas.

We also enjoyed an extensive chat with the friendly hosts Peter and Jo.

long beach 06800long beach 06803

That morning we decided to go check out the Saturday Market by the waterfront in Port of Ilwaco only a few miles from downtown Long Beach.

long beach 06820 long beach 06824 long beach 06833 long beach 06834 long beach 06838 long beach 06843 long beach 06844 long beach 06848

After enjoying the waterfront, the sunshine and the cool breeze we headed back downtown to walk around and explore a bit. We were going to attend the clam chowder tasting but the line was too long when we got there so we headed to the beach.

long beach 06851 long beach 06864long beach 06867 long beach 06900

The massive colorful kites were such a sight to see!

long beach 06915

The wind was strong and the kites were beautiful soaring in the skies above the beach.

long beach 06921 long beach 06927 long beach 06929 long beach 06938 long beach 06944

long beach 06957
A duck and a razor clam.

We were going to have some ice cream at the Scoopers Market but the line was long and opted to try the fudge in the same place instead. It was so good!

long beach 06980

We had a nice drive back. Such beautiful scenery.

16 thoughts on “Long Beach, Washington – Bed & Breakfast, Kites and A Marina

  1. You really lucked out with the weather and the kites! What a gorgeous place. That breakfast looks super tasty!

  2. A beautiful location but I had the same experience. I left 30 degree heat from Vancouver, and discovered it was too windy and cold to swim; still worth the trip however.

  3. What a great blog Mani. Thank you for deciding to stay at our place; your photos do it great justice. I enjoyed hosting you and hope to see you again! (Love the kite shots!)

  4. What a wonderful place! I love your pictures! I want to go to the worlds longest beach as well 🙂 I really enjoyed this post 🙂

  5. Wow! I loved the pictures of the kites, so pretty! The b&b was also super cute! Looks like you had a great time ❤ Btw, I wanted to ask you which camera do you use?

  6. Oregon is an incredible place for exploring the true essences of Mother Nature. Glorious sunsets to indigenous forests. I for one never visited but you better believe it’s on my bucket list.

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