Tiny Around The World

tulip farm oregon tractor

I have to say I love tiny things. It may be because I’m pretty tiny myself and identify haha! Either way I always find amusement in tiny things and my husband loves telling people that when we met I told him I was fun-sized.

But sometimes things that aren’t tiny can look tiny based on distance perspective. A lot of these photos will be in that category. Enjoy tiny around the world!

pittock mansion portland2
Portland looking tiny from Pittock Mansion.
A river beach in the middle of nowwhere, Oregon
Tiny sailboat? At the Columbia River.
flowers portland12
Tiny flowers!
mexico city view
Tiny Mexico City.
val disere skiing france11
A friend and I looking tiny at the slopes in Val D’Isere, France
moon night new hampshire laconia
Tiny moon and its reflection in Laconia, New Hampshire
voladores mexico1
These men looking tiny while they perform in Mexico City. (Voladores de Papantla)
castle victoria bc26
Myself looking tiny compared to the Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC
saltys oregon portland mt hood
Mt. Hood surely looking small from here.
columbia river gorge10
These massive wind mills look tiny from a distance.
afternoon tea empress hotel victoria bc10
Tiny desserts during tea in Victoria, BC
Tiny cats! They are all grown up now.
auction dollhouse
Tiny rooms in a dollhouse.
auction dollhouse
Same dollhouse. Surprise!
In India, fresh veggies are tiny compared to the ones in the US, but don’t lack in flavor.

Which one was your favorite?

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