My First Adventures In Pressure Canning


A couple of weeks ago we decided to buy a pressure canner/cooker and start canning for the first time. We did a couple first run simple canning experiments and quickly upgraded to more complex ones.

So far it has been very satisfying and it is becoming more fun as we get the hang of it.


What is home canning?

Home canning is the process of preserving foods like fruits, vegetables, and meats, by packing them into glass jars and then heating the jars to kill the organisms that would create spoilage allowing for long-term storage.

There are two kinds of canning: water bath canning and pressure canning. Unless the food being preserved has high acid, or salt or sugar content such as pickles and fruit jams, they have to be pressure canned in a special type of pressure cooker for safety reasons.

In North America, we commonly use Mason jars, which are thick walled glass jars with lids and bands for sealing.


I love the possibilities of canning; the many recipes that can be preserved and the fact that they can be stored for at least a year without being opened, as well as being able to control which ingredients go into the jars and using organic and fresh ingredients.


We went straight to using the pressure canning technique rather than the water bath. We bought this pressure canner and few dozen mason jars and so far have canned pineapple, green beans, homemade chicken soup, and black beans.

Our very first time we canned a whole pineapple which made only 3 pint jars and one of them didn’t even seal because we accidentally put two lids on it!


I am especially excited about canning the many tomatoes that are growing in our garden soon.

What used to be done out of necessity because of the abundance of produce been grown in gardens, is now an opportunity.

Do you can at home?  Do you have any awesome recipes for me to try? 


7 thoughts on “My First Adventures In Pressure Canning

  1. Mani I grew up on a farm in rural Canada so canning was a big part of my life as a youngster. I don’t have any recipes as I haven’t canned in many years. Good for you to take this on!

  2. Welcome to the club 🙂 Now I don’t do that anymore, but my mom and me used to can everything from our garden since early summer and till late autumn.

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