Mexican Food Around The World

tacos al pastor

Mexican food is the greatest. I may be biased because I am Mexican but I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like Mexican food. There are so many flavors and different dishes in this cuisine, many dating  way back. We make great of every meal of the day: breakfast, lunch/dinner, drink and dessert. More often than not, Mexican food is made with love. There is a passion that comes with it, and it brings people together.

Have you heard of the sobremesa?

While sobremesa literally means “over the table,” the more meaningful translation is a bit more complex. It’s that time spent after a meal, hanging out with family or friends, chatting, digesting (often with a drink) and enjoying each other’s company. It can be applied to either lunch or dinner, and even a business lunch. It can go for hours, the longest being during the weekends. You will never be rushed to leave a restaurant, and at house gatherings these can go till after midnight. Even with kids involved who may have brought their pijamas with them for this reason.

Mexican food is not just a matter of amazing taste, it’s a culture.

Below are captured moments of Mexican food across my travels:

roasted chiles

This man is roasting poblano peppers at the farmer’s market in Portland, OR.

fresh corn tortillas

And these ladies are making fresh corn tortillas, at the same place.

cactus kirkland

This delicious breakfast of chorizo, scrambled eggs and tortillas was eaten at “Cactus” in Kirkland, Washington.

tacos mexico

An authentic taco lunch in Mexico City. Tacos al pastor, guacamole (complimentary!) and chicharron de queso. Yum!


Homemade salmon and black bean tostadas.

Agua de guayaba

One of my pleasures are aguas frescas (Mexican fruit drinks). This one is agua de guayaba (guava). At a market in Mexico.

food mango dinner

When I visit my hometown, I get breakfast in bed. Quesadillas, homemade salsa verde and mango.

Cute straws and limonadas at "La Lorena" Restaurant in Mexico City

Cute straws and limonadas at “La Lorena” Restaurant in Mexico City. Limonadas (fresh limeades) are in every Mexican menu, you can order it with still or sparkling water and with or without sweetener.

Some of the best Mexican food I've had outside of Mexico.

Above is some of the best Mexican food I’ve had outside of Mexico. You’ll never guess where. Budapest, Hungary!

These cheesy tacos are actually called "gringas". Not kidding.

These cheesy tacos are actually called “gringas“. Not kidding.

agua de jamaica8

Homemade agua de jamaica. A refreshing agua fresca made with hibiscus flowers.

I had to proceed to eat this with silverware after the first bite.

This is a torta de milanesa enjoyed in Mossyrock, Washington. Torta is the Mexican sandwich and milanesa is breaded chicken (de pollo) or steak (de carne).

mexican candy

Mexican candy!  Check out my post: A Guide To Traditional Mexican Sweets

acapulco mexico beach16

At the beach in Acapulco you can enjoy fresh mango with chili powder, and fresh coconut water. 

acapulco mexico beach11

As well as the best ever fresh coconut sorbet.

the dalles oregon rodeo4

Above I am ordering some Mexican food at the rodeo in The Dalles, Oregon.


This was a delicious Mexican paleo meal of carne asada (grilled steak) and veggies. after a long hike. At Verde Cocina in Portland, Oregon.

mercado de jamaica mexico food3

Grilled elote (corn) at an amazing Mexican market, in Mexico City.

porqueno portland20

Another famous agua fresca: horchata made with rice, next to delicious fish tacos. At Porque No? in Portland, OR.

Would you go for churros or campechanas?

Churros and campechanas (flaky pastries) at a Mexican market.

homemade corn tortillas12

And homemade corn tortillas! The humble corn tortilla is the main and very important staple in Mexican cuisine.

As it the lime which we put on everything! 🙂

Now I am hungry, and probably you are too. Which is your favorite Mexican dish/food?


15 thoughts on “Mexican Food Around The World

  1. Ohhh, what delicious looking food, and such a fun post! I also love the concept of sobremesa, it’s a huge thing in Chile too 🙂 I also often have it with my family in the UK as we always eat at the table, which I know isn’t that common now!

  2. Those salmon tostadas look great. My fave Mexican food for lunch/dinner are tacos al pastor (with pineapples, of course), and for breakfast are guajalotas. I love those Oaxacan-style tamale sandwiches!

  3. Yum!!!!! Being a Texan, I have eaten a lot of Tex-Mex – but also REAL Mexican food because I have a lot of Mexican friends…..delicious!!!! Love it all!

  4. Everything looks so delicious. Unfortunately, I’m one of those few people who’s not keen on Mexican food. I didn’t find it spicy enough but perhaps that’s because I tried it in Oregon and they may have catered to U.S. taste buds. I’m sure it would be different in Mexico.

    1. The food in itself is not usually very spicy, it’s just supposed to be flavorful. The spiciness comes with all the many side salsas. In Mexico, there are always several different salsas at the table, some very spicy, to add to your food. 🙂

  5. Agree, Mexican food is the best. I make enchiladas at least once a week but have never made my own tortillas…. next on the list. These photos had me salivating…. yum!

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