This Week’s Small Pleasures #57

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This week was pretty uneventful as I had to stay as still as possible regarding the stitches in my ankle, which by the way is a terrible place to get a laceration because apparently, we need and move our ankle a lot and the skin in it is very thing and not very flexible. The slightest movement felt like I was tearing my stitches apart a little. But a had a few happy moments this week, nonetheless.

1. I got to exercise one day this week. Due to my aforementioned stitches I haven’t been able to go to my class since two Wednesdays ago, but the workout of the day on Thursday didn’t require my foot very much (hanging knee raises and ring row pull-ups) so I was able to do that and it felt good.

2. The garden is exploding! We have so much lettuce and kale and I picked the first beets and snap peas this week. I’m just enjoying this so much!  For dinner one night we had kale, basil, beets, lettuce, cilantro, green beans, and cucumber that I picked from the garden (used in different dishes) I love it! Looking forward to the tomatoes! At least those can be canned if there’s extra.

3. Lavender ice cream. There is this brand of ice cream (Snoqualmie) at the supermarket that I had never tried, local from our neighbor state Washington, and is usually $5 for a pint but it was half off when I saw it this week so I bought 3 different flavors! It was a great deal.  I haven’t tried the other two yet but the lavender flavor was absolutely delicious. The creaminess of this ice cream is amazing. It’s handcrafted and basically just 6 ingredients, nothing weird. Seriously good.

4. I got to wash our comforter at the laundromat. It gets really dirty from the cats jumping on it after they’ve done their business, and of course leaving their hair everyone, so it’s nice to have a clean bed, if at least for a night!

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7 thoughts on “This Week’s Small Pleasures #57

  1. I hope your ankle gets better soon! Your garden makes me miss the days when my parents used to grow their own vegetables in their garden. Everything was just so fresh and it cut down the amount of groceries by so much!

    Somin // TCK Goes Home

    1. Hey Sue! The stitches came out like 10 min ago. I decided to do it at home, and I decided to do it myself. After clipping the second stitch I was shaking so bad from nerves that Josh had to take over. He did a better job hehe.
      Unfortunately the wound wasn’t completely closed, I could see a red under layer of the skin so I still gotta be careful. At least it wasn’t weeping or bleeding.

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