Driving Etiquette Around the World

driving around the world

Mastering the language or learning the local customs might be quite challenging in foreign countries, and driving in such unfamiliar places can be very intimidating and even a bit scary.

Did you know that in Romania it is illegal to drive in an “excessively dirty” car? Or that in India cows have the right of way?

If you are brave enough to take on driving in a foreign country, it might help to know a few things before doing so. The infographic below might help:

Thanks to the Adrian Flux blog for the graphic.

Have you ever attempted to drive in a foreign country?

10 thoughts on “Driving Etiquette Around the World

  1. Haha, such an interesting post! “In China, honking is a common nuisance. Keep cool and don’t get road rage.” I’ve lived in China for 4 years, and this could not get any truer!

  2. I did actually know that cows have the right of way in India – I have spent my fair share of time waiting for cows to cross the road! 🙂

  3. Interesting read! Actually I was surprised to know about compulsory daytime running light while visiting Europe! And indian traffic and rules does inspire me to be away from road 😦

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