A Female Guide To Solo Travel Infographic

female solo travel

Traveling seems to be more popular than ever, in big part because it isย more accesible than ever, and people nowadays are just itching with the travel bug! Fear of the unknown or foreign places is not stopping some to travel by themselves, and it’s definitely not stopping women.

Whether it is a matter of independence or freedom of adventure many women are doing it and loving it; but there are some considerations and some extra precautions that women should take while traveling solo. If you are considering jumping on the female solo travel bandwagon, the graphic below should be helpful!

Source: WorkTheWorld

Have you ever travelled alone? What was your experience? Would you?


19 thoughts on “A Female Guide To Solo Travel Infographic

  1. This was great! I prefer traveling to international locales these days, so having this infographic that shows how to dress in different areas is VERY helpful. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for writing this! I’ve now traveled to 32 countries solo and wouldn’t have it any other way. Safety is all about being smart, watching your surroundings, and not staying out late!

  3. I first started travelling about 11 years ago. After I got over my apprehensions, I absolutely enjoyed the freedom as well as the quiet it afforded me. In over 2 dozen trips I have done at this time, I have not one horror story to relate.

    I would recommend travelling alone some of the time to everyone.

  4. My first solo venture was at 19 — signed up for summer classes at the Sorbonne and winged off to Paris. Somewhere over the Atlantic the enormity of it finally hit me and I was panic-stricken but too late… It really helped to be in school and some of my future thoughts for solo travel include taking a couple of immersion classes designed for older people and lots of cooking classes. You have a certain amount of time filled with activity and you automatically meet other people with whom you’re going to at least share an interest in the topic of the classes.
    In my twenties and thirties I moved back and forth across the country several times and drove cross-country alone. Since I wasn’t really touring or sight-seeing (have to beat the movers to your new abode) I avoided most issues about safety or loneliness. I planned carefully about stops and did some research about hotels and restaurants so I had an idea where I could hit a safe spot. I actually quite enjoyed the peace and quiet of being alone and unreachable.(this was long before cell phones).

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