Grey Around The World

budapest hungary elephant

Nobody really pays attention to grey, it’s such a dull color yet it vastly surrounds us in the form of buildings, bridges, pavement, airplanes and ships. It is an industrial color for sure, and one that could describe our present era. We tear down beautiful colorful nature to replace it with this color.

But sometimes, grey is good, like in the elephant in the photo above. Who doesn’t like elephants? And I’m actually quite fond of wearing grey clothes.

Below is a series of photos around the world with grey as the main subject:

tedxportland run10

The grey bridge and river in downtown Portland.

Hiking in the snow - Mirror Lake Trail, Oregon

A grey outfit hiking the Mirror Lake Trail, Oregon.

feet snow durham nc

My grey boot in the snowy Duke Gardens in Durham, NC

acapulco mexico beach24

Grey skies in Acapulco, Mexico


A grey squirrel and pebbles in India

portland st johns dog

A grey wall, shorts and husky in rainy Portland, OR. Typical Portland.

whistler bc canada snow7

The iconic grey statue in Whistler Mountain, Canada

portland barbershop9

Silver grey at the barbershop in Portland.


The largest open air laundromat in the world, Mumbai, India

the dalles or bridge dam14

A grey train passing underneath me in The Dalles Bridge, OR

A container for boiling freshly delivered milk in India.

A container for boiling freshly delivered milk in India.

Sunshine Mill Winery, The Dalles, OR

Sunshine Mill Winery, The Dalles, OR

cathedral mexico city

A massive grey cathedral in the historic center of Mexico City

portland saturday market

Silver grey man in Portland, OR

USS Normandy

Me on board the mostly grey USS Normandy.

duke gardens durham bird1

A beautiful grey bird.

vienna architecture 2

Beautiful grey architecture in Vienna, Austria

mthood oregon5

The grey Timberline Lodge in Mt Hood, OR. Same hotel where The Shining was filmed.

full frame festival volunteer

Grey uniforms volunteering at the Full Frame Festival, Durham, NC.

museum of flight seattle

The very cool tunnel to the Airpark, in Seattle, WA

museum of flight seattle

Beneath the first 747.


Grey floors in our porch in India.

Which one was your favorite?

13 thoughts on “Grey Around The World

  1. How did you thought of grey color at first! I used to always run for green or blue color. Wonderful idea and great pictures 🙂

  2. What a great theme and as always wonderful pics. My favorite? Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai. That was every family’s laundromat in India when I was in school! Visited in November 2014 and it was one of my “must visit” places as, believe it or not, I had never been to see it. But…the cabdriver dissuaded me by saying “Madam, you will not be able to handle the crowds”. So I chickened out. I always enjoy your “clicking shots” around the world.

  3. What a fun idea for a photo collection. Grey IS all around us and we hardly ever pay attention to it. I’m sure I’ll be noticing it more for the days to come, thanks to your post.

    1. Hi Sue, first of all I only go through the photos in my wordpress collection instead of all of my photos in my computer. I simply scroll down and identify those with the color I’m looking for. They are quite small (instead of going by one by one), so it makes the process faster and I have an artistic eye so I can quickly spot them, select them, and scroll down relatively fast. It does take a few minutes to scroll through all of them.

  4. Such a great idea, I usually associate grey with grey skies in the UK, which are quite frequent! But it’s so true that there are lots of beautiful grey things too 🙂 Thanks for opening my eyes. Colour posts are some of my favourite to create, they are so much fun to put together.

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