I’m Going To India!

Sunset in India

This week we booked tickets to go to India in October! That is my mom, my brother and I. 

It will be a short trip (just 12 days), but I am excited number 1 because I haven’t traveled to any country outside the US besides Mexico in 2 years, and number 2 because it’s India and it’s awesome.

After our short time living in India in 2013, back in the US I did not want to eat any Indian food for a long time! But it has been long enough that I am so ready for this delicious cuisine! And nothing beats authentic.

We are going to Meherabad, a small rural town for a “pilgrimage/spiritual trip” where the Meher Pilgrim Retreat is located. The nearest city is Ahmednagar in the state of Maharashtra and the closest big city is Pune, about 2 hours away. As usual, we will be flying to Mumbai and then having a driver take us to Meherabad (6 hour ride).

mpr india3 meher pilgrim retreat
The MPR (Meher Pilgrim Retreat)
The women's garden at the MPR
The women’s garden at the MPR

I am not necessarily looking forward to the journey there which will consist of a flight from Portland to Denver, then a flight from Denver to Newark where I will meet my mom and brother and then a 15 hour flight from Newark to Mumbai and then a 6 hour drive to Meherabad. Phew, got tired just from thinking about it. We arrive at night to Mumbai so we’ll stay there for the night at a hotel and drive the next day.

And then of course the dreaded jet lag. But I’ve experienced it so much that I’ve gotten pretty good at it. The worst is when you go back home, that’s when it takes me at least a week to get back to normal.

Anyway, I’m flying out on October 1st and I will be back with photos and maybe stories!


27 thoughts on “I’m Going To India!

  1. Sounds like a fantastic trip! I absolutely love India and I would do anything to go back there just for the food! Have an awesome trip 🙂

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