8 Easy Ways To Keep In Touch As An Expat

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Thinking about moving abroad but afraid to lose contact with friends and family? No worries! It is easier than ever to keep communication with close ones no matter how far apart you are. There are many different ways to do so to accommodate both parties’ preferences.

I moved away from my hometown in 2008 and haven’t been back (as a resident) ever since but I still have a close relationship with my family and friends back home because we have been able to keep communications open.

Here are the many great ways you can keep in touch:

1. Telephone

phone booth by Lisa Widerberg

An obvious one.  This may not be the cheapest method but there are ways to to do it economically like using international phone cards or finding international deals with mobile companies.

2. Write Email Letters

With social media, email has become less popular but still is a great way to communicate. It allows you to write lengthy and private updates to your friends and family no matter the time zone, which might be a complication for using the phone method. My favorite is Gmail.

3. Social Media

With Facebook, the most popular social networking site, it is very easy to keep in touch with family, friends, and those whom you’ve lost contact with. Through status updates, photos, and private messages, Facebook makes it really easy for people to keep in touch on a daily basis through a quick click of a button.

4. Nobelcom App


Use phone apps like NobelApp to make cheap international calls.  This free app for iPhone & Android allows you to call internationally using WiFi, your data or access numbers. There are also others perks like call history, international messaging & mobile top ups to enjoy. With NobelApp you can conveniently place calls to your country of choice for a fraction of the regular long distance costs.

5. Blog

Just because there are millions of blogs out there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start one! Keeping an online journal of your life is a great way to show friends and family and strangers who are interested what you are up to! You’d be surprised at how many out there would enjoy it. You can easily start one with WordPress or Blogger.

6. Voice over internet calls

Voice over internet service providers offer services free of charge in which you can communicate with great sound quality via the internet and many offer video conferencing. You only need a headset and a webcam to use this method. There are many providers including: EuroCall, Skype and Oovoo. With Google+ Hangouts you can do this with up to nine groups around the world for those with scattered families, and Apple users can use Facetime.

7. Send Letters By Post!

mail photo by Jeric Santiago

There are people in the world who still love the charm of an old-fashioned snail mail letter. Hand written letters are always welcome. You will brighten someone’s day as you communicate non urgent news and updates.

8. Chat

You can communicate with family and friends in real time by chatting with them through Gmail chat or Facebook Messenger. I personally really like this form of getting in touch.

What is your favourite way to keep in touch with friends and family back home? 

[This is a sponsored post but all opinions are honest and mine.]

11 thoughts on “8 Easy Ways To Keep In Touch As An Expat

  1. Great tips for staying in contact with those at home when being an expat. E-mail, snapchat, whatsapp and social media is what I usually use! 🙂

  2. Great Post! I’m pretty bad at keeping in touch with friends and family back home. I love Skype for keeping in touch, it’s great to see whoever I’m talking to. Getting/ sending letters is something it’s very easy to not do with internet being so widespread, but it’s great to have something someone has physically written and posted, it makes the connection stronger, and it’s a brilliant surprise to get home to an unexpected letter, or even a parcel from home! 🙂

  3. Awww..I love snail mail…..I should send more letters. I also love whatsapp….I chat with all my sisters daily…we have a “sis” group….it is really nice. Love being able to send photos, video and music too…..

  4. These are great tips, thanks! Gmail chat is an awesome one that many people don’t think about, but my boyfriend and I use it religiously to stay in touch with each other and family back home.

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