7 Signs You’ve Survived Bali


Bali is known to be an incredible place for recharging in the spiritual temples and the relaxing beaches. Please enjoy this guest post of things to experience in this magical place by someone who has experienced Bali and left with branded memories that might be unexpected yet very Bali…

Bali’s claim to fame is in its incredible cultural attractions—from monkeys to waterfalls, beaches to performances, any trip to the island nation isn’t complete without coming back from vacation with these 7 scars on your skin, or on your memory!

Check out the best things to do and see, and just let the memories brand you!


1. You expect all your theatre experiences to include live animals.

Traditional storytelling at the Bali Theatre isn’t just about intricate dances and colorful stories (as well as costumes), it’s also about working in the local fauna and incorporating wild animals into the mix. Lions, tigers, and bears? Not exactly. High skilled and trained elephants? Absolutely. Don’t miss a chance to get in touch with the cultural (and the wild) side of things at the theatre one evening—it’s definitely better than a trip to the zoo!

2. You’re used to monkey pickpockets.

Located in the Jalan Monkey Forest in Ubud, is a mystical place crawling with active, live, wild monkeys—and if you aren’t careful, they’ll turn into little thieves, nabbing anything valuable from your unzipped pockets before you can say, “hey you!” But more than a place to be charmingly lifted from your belongings, the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is home to the Balinese long-tailed macaque, and are protected (as the name of the place suggests) from the encroaching human factors that have dwindled their numbers, and you can support their protection by visiting this ecological reserve. But seriously, zip up your watch—they’ll cute, but sneaky little fur balls.


3. Your idea of a tour includes 4-wheel drive.

I mean come on, who wouldn’t take up the opportunity to race through the jungle on a 4-wheeler? An eco-friendly option to see the secret spots like a local, the buggy rides into the rice fields, jungles and villages with the Bali Quad Discovery Tours definitely belongs on any list to Bali. Want to take a break from the roaring? Share a traditional Balinese lunch back at home base or pop an inner tube into the river for some lazy gliding fun.

4. You got cleansed at Tirta Empul Temple

This Hindu water temple built in the 10th century in Tampaksiring is a tourist favorite, what with holy spring water ready-made for cleansing rituals and the ancient architecture. Drawn to the healing powers of the natural spring, travellers and worshippers alike gather in the fountains of the temple to cleanse in the shrines after an offering at the temple. Hire a personal guide or wander around yourself—it doesn’t take much to feel the spiritual vibes emanating from this holy place.  


5. You almost slipped to your death at Sekumpul.

It’s not so far fetched to imagine that a walk down to the pool of the twin waterfalls includes a little slip and sliding, and while the trek to the bottom and back can be a 3-4 hour journey (with a short stint in the jungles surrounding) it’s totally worth it to lounge in the crystal waters of one of Bali’s best (and undiscovered) attractions. Have a hearty breakfast for the trek and sturdy shoes for the slippery stairway down, and don’t forget a bathing suit and towel to enjoy the falls!

6. You’ve been on a hidden treasure hunt.

Whether you’re headed in search of the Sacred and Secret Canyon of Sukawati or the infinity pool at Angel’s Billabong, you’re going to want to do two things. First, keep your mouth closed about your secret destinations—you’re like a modern day pirate keeping track of new-age booty, you don’t want the whole world following you to the The Blue Lagoon in Nusa Ceningan. And second, get a local SIM card because the Snapchats you’re going to be sending from your new found (undisclosed) locations are going to cause your friends to go green with envy, and the SIM card will help you do that for less than a quarter of the price you’re paying for that global plan. Just prep your phone and get to discovering, Bukit Asah Bugbug in Karangasem isn’t going to discover itself.


7. You lost your bathing suit bottoms at Waterbom Bali.

What’s more fun than spending a day winding down near-vertical water slides? In Bali, the place to go catch some sweet water rides is Waterbom Bali. Grab your suit, a gazebo and your sense of adventure because the entrance wristband will lead you on all sorts of twists and turns. Get there a little early—it’s a famous stop for a lot of Bali-bound travellers—and then you have plenty of time to get dirty before grabbing some of the spa services.

Truly a paradise (and mostly untampered with!), Bali is the kind of vacation many dream of but never really take, only now you have no excuse! Go get marked up by Bali and report back with your favorite stops.

Have you been to Bali? Any other experiences that you recommend? 

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