Monthly Best Of: October 2015


This month was pretty awesome because I got to travel, and I got to travel to the faraway land of India. My brother was supposed to come but he cancelled last minute so it became a mom and daughter trip which was very nice. I also really enjoy October weather, so that’s also nice.

So in case you missed any, see which were the best posts of the month based on views and likes:

1. 10 Do’s & Don’ts At Dinner Tables Around The World

customs eating world

2. A Real Peaceful Place To Visit In Rural India

india2015 samadhi5

3. A Personal, Honest and Vulnerable Letter To The World

india2015 samadhi12

4. Pie Charts I Drew Describing My 15 Hour Transatlantic Flight

long flight chart1

5. 7 Signs You’ve Survived Bali

6. Fruit Around The World

fruit market india

7. Meherabad, A Rural Town in India and Site of the Meher Pilgrim Retreat

india2015 street2

8. Ahmednagar, The Nearest Indian City to the Most Peaceful Place in India

india2015 sweetshop

9. Must See Top 4 Attractive Destinations in London

10. 5 Delicious Beet Smoothies To Try

beet green tea smoothie

Happy November! 


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