Around The World In 15 Snacks

snacks around the world

Snacking is a big part of people’s cultures and everyday lives. Who doesn’t like food that is quick, easy and delicious to eat? And who doesn’t have their favorites? Across the world people snack on very different things, some sweet, some savory and some very bizarre. 

Some of us snack to refuel after a good workout or after programming in front of the computer for longs hours (did you know using your brain burns a lot of energy too?). Some of us just like snacking because we can’t wait till our next meal.

On the bizarre snack spectrum an example would be Australia’s witchetty grub – the larva or a moth that may be eaten raw or roasted over a small fire. This high protein snack is a delicacy among Indigenous Australians and a staple during “walkabouts”. Some say it tastes like scrambled eggs.

Vada pav in the streets of India. Photo by Martin Ehrensvärd

A snack that is more likely to universally please people would be the vada pav, a deep fried spiced potato patty between a bread roll, one of the most popular street foods in India.

Check out the video and infographic below to learn more about interesting snacks around the world.


What are your favorite foods to snack on?


16 thoughts on “Around The World In 15 Snacks

  1. Such a fun post! I’m intrigued by the fact that Nigerian puff puffs have onion in them. If this video were to include an off-putting yet locally popular street food from Korea, they could add boendegi (boiled silkworms)! They’re so gross! 😉

  2. Hi Mani, a quick correction- Vada Paav is not the most famous indian snack. I would consider Dosa(thin crepes made wiwith fermented rice paste) or the Indian style Chinese noodles the two most popular street food which people pan India eat.

  3. THIS is a very cool idea for a post!!! But what…nothing American? Like…Ding Dongs.
    Did you make that first chart of the world? Did you make any of the others? or all? I see you have sources.

    1. Thanks! I didn’t make the charts. They reached out to me to share them. I liked them, so I did. Not sure why they didn’t include the US though. Maybe there isn’t one general thing Americans snack on? Idk. I’ve lived here for 5 years and I had to look up what ding dongs are hehe. Maybe I had to grow up here for that.

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