San Francisco’s Food Scene & The Locavore Lifestyle

san fran food scene

San Francisco produces so much locally sourced food it is no wonder that it is considered the food capital of the US. Did you know that California produces more than half of America’s fruits, vegetables and nuts? And 100% of US grown artichokes?

You can learn more with the infographic below about things like the “locavore” lifestyle of those who eat only locally grown and produced food; the slow food movement that has members from 150 countries and brings awareness and alternative healthy food choices; food trends like kale and coconut and new ones to look out for (have you heard of ‘Nduja?); the restaurant scene of San Fran where there are more restaurantes per capita than any other US city; and more!

Have you been to San Francisco? What is your favorite food city?


6 thoughts on “San Francisco’s Food Scene & The Locavore Lifestyle

  1. I have heard of Bombay street food as one of the best. I love Chaat and sometime I want to try it the authentic way in one of the cities Bombay, Delhi or Kolkata!

  2. I was just there yesterday touring around 🙂 This is a very informative post. Something I am going to save and refer when I visit next time. My favorite food city is Chennai, India and my dream food city is Bombay !

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