Planning A Trip? Here’s How To Protect Your Laptop When On The Go

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Is a fun trip in the works? And are you worried that hitting the road with your beloved laptop could open a whole world of potential security threats? 

Yeah, it is a fact that laptops are all about easy portability, but moving around with your laptop can make it prone to threats and damages, both physically and regarding software. Obviously, you don’t want to put your laptop or your personal data in harm’s way, which is why you need something to keep your laptop secure when on the go.

Pad It Up

Wondering why you should buy a laptop bag? Investing in a high-quality laptop bag or sleeve is essential, especially if you are planning an adventure trip where your laptop will be more prone to accidents. A well-padded bag will keep your laptop safe from unexpected bumps and jolts (I use this one). Also, make sure that the laptop bag/sleeve you purchase is travel-friendly, which means the bag can be extended and collapsed even with the accessories you put inside it. You can find an array of trendy and chic laptop bags if you shop online.

Treat It Like Your Shadow

Remember to keep your laptop with you at all times. Never consider leaving your laptop unattended, especially if you are working in a public environment. Working on your laptop at the airport? Just slide it into the laptop sleeve and take it with you if you visit the loo. It may sound a little absurd, but it’s worth the effort. Your favorite gadget can be stolen in the few minutes you leave it unattended. Or if your pocket allows, consider investing in a laptop lock and alarm. It can be an effective theft deterrent.

Keep Virtual Tabs On Your Gadget

You might be carrying a number of bags, which is why keeping a check on each one may be cumbersome. Hence, you may forget your laptop at the back of a cab or at the luggage counter in the airport. In such cases, you ought to know how to find your stolen laptop. Think about how convenient it would be if you could locate your laptop with just a tap of a button on your smartphone. If you like that idea, consider installing trusted security software on your system. Doing this will help you locate the laptop should it go missing.

Don’t these hacks sound doable? You can count on these simple travel tricks to keep your laptop safe while you globetrot. Do you have any other tips?

6 thoughts on “Planning A Trip? Here’s How To Protect Your Laptop When On The Go

  1. Great advise as always……last trip, I kept my laptop open on my tray table on my airplane seat as I tried to get out of the seat (I was too lazy to put it away, thinking I could squeeze by). Now why did I do that?!?!? I totally squashed the hinges to the screen..but hubby glued it back together… 🙂

  2. Great tips Mani! 🙂 A good way to transport the laptop that is padded is always appreciated. The only problem is it always seems as though there are never enough pockets!!! lol.

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