Red Flowers Around The World

mercado de jamaica mexico18

When I set out to look in my archives for red flowers that I’ve photographed around the world I found more than I expected. There’s a lot of them out there and they are all beautiful. I also included some that are not technically flowers, but plants. Enjoy this bright flowers from across the globe:

Flowers in India.

Red flowers at the MPR in India.

washington park rose test garden

A red rose (or is it orange?) at the Rose Test Garden in Portland, OR

Meherazad, India

Red plants in Meherazad, India.

mercado de jamaica mexico26

Beautiful red carnations of different shades at the mercado de jamaica in Mexico City


Okay saffron is not a plant or a flower but it is red and it is actually harvested from a flower. Saffron actually consists of the dried stigmas (the thin “hairs” where pollen geminates) of the purple crocus flower.

mercado de jamaica mexico25

Tons of red roses at the mercado de jamaica in Mexico City. 

tulip farm oregon 9

Stunning red tulips at the tulip farm in Woodburn, OR.

mercado de jamaica mexico17

Poinsettias at the mercado de jamaica in Mexico City. 

mercado de jamaica mexico11

And finally also at the mercado de jamaica in Mexico City, red flower Elmos and hearts.

abkhazi garden victoria bc8

Red flowers to the right at the Abkhazi Garden in Victoria BC.

duke durham carnivorous plant

Red carnivorous plants at the greenhouse at Duke University, Durham, NC.

india2015 meherazad13

A pretty red plant in Meherazad, India.

india2015 meherazad

And more red flowers stand out in Meherazad, India.

oregon garden christmas16

A giant red flower made out of Christmas Lights at the Oregon Garden: Christmas Market.

Which one was your favourite? 

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