Circles Around The World

colors of india

The circle is such a symbolic shape. It represents all kinds of deep meanings of cycles of life, and infinity. The circle shape is also one of the most useful ones. You would rarely eat or drink or store things in or from triangles shapes for example. There are many circles around the world in different forms, colors, sizes and functions. Check out my collection:

oregon garden christmas10

Mulled wine at the Christmas Market.

cacao snack truffles

Yummy protein snack balls inside a circle.

india2015 meherazad8

A kaleidoscope!

coconut cacao thumbprint cookies1

Coconut cacao thumbprint cookies. :p

victoria bc canada15

A dart board at a pub in Victoria, BC.

sunset airplane window

The sun.

opera house vienna

A circle mural and a round chandelier on the ceiling at the Opera House in Vienna, Austria.

Lunch on the patio, right outside the dining hall.

Stainless steel round cup and plate at the MPR in India.

voladores mexico

You can’t actually see the circle in the photo, rather than a square, but these four men hanging by their feet in Mexico City were moving in circles.

homemade corn tortillas12

Round homemade tortillas.


The round exit at the USS Blueback submarine.

feet soccer london

Playing ball at Regent’s Park in London.

Adults become childlike.

Adultsย being childlike playing in circles in India.

london moon

The round full moon and its reflection in London.

portland saltandstraw ice cream16

Perfectly round and cute mini macarons.

oregon brew fest portland39

Bagpiper Darth Vader on a (round) unicycle in the one and only Portland.

indian children

Indian kids play and pose around this big round thing (a circle if viewed from above).

syncline winery washington5

Many round barrels of wine at the Syncline Winery in Washington.


A round, if you can see behind the tree, ferris wheel in Rainier, OR.

1960s Mercedes

The round wheel of aย 1960s Mercedes.

cityfair portland11

People going in circles in flying chairs.

Cavern Quarter, Liverpool, UK (Where The Beatles used to play.)

A round sign at the Cavern Quarter, Liverpool, UK (Where The Beatles used to play.)

The view on top of the Tour Eiffel, Paris.

A round large structure viewed from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


Fresh milk in round containers just delivered by the milkman in India.

These cheesy tacos are actually called "gringas". Not kidding.

Delicious round cheesy tacos in Mexico City.


Plane engine at the Museum of Flight, Seattle.

portland farmers market

Veggies inside circles at the Portland Farmers Market.

masala box

A stainless steel masala box. Spices inside circles inside a bigger circle.

Which one was your favourite?ย 


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