Dining Etiquette From Around the World #3

dining infographic

Various countries and various types of table manners are considered polite. However, in certain countries, you could easily offend your host or your dinner guests if you do not brush up on the dining etiquette expected in that country. For example, Japan is a country of many rituals and the culinary arena is no exception. Did you know that in Japan polite table manners dictate that you must dip your sushi or sashimi in a separate dish filled with soy sauce before eating it whole?

In India you will find that knives and forks are not used and neither are tables and chairs. In fact sitting in a circle on a rug on the floor is the custom and so is eating with your hands. However, you should only ever use your right hand when eating and wasting food is considered extremely disrespectful.

In European countries such as France and Italy, the general rule of thumb is to always follow the host or hostess. Wait until you are asked to be seated and never place your elbows on the table. For more insights into navigating the international culinary world of polite dining etiquette, have a look at the tips as illustrated in the infographic below created by Killarney Hotels.


Have you ever made any dining faux pas while traveling?

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