Monthly Best Of: April 2016


This month wasn’t too eventful except it was my birthday and I celebrated in Mexico City for a week with family and friends. It was a great trip. Unfortunately for the blog, this time I didn’t visit any truly interesting or touristy places for me to document and share with you guys.

Here are the best posts of the month based on likes and views:

1. Quintessentially Indian: 5 New Kurti Styles for Modern Women

2. 8 Reasons That Make Mexico an Appealing Country to Visit

mexico city view1

3. Vacation 101: Six Destinations To Consider This Year

A storm approaching at the beach in Cancun, Mexico.

4. Dinnertime Around The World

oregon garden christmas24

5. 6 Reasons Why Living Abroad Will Make You Smarter

6. 12 Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand

7. Weekly Small Pleasures #83

8. 6 Popular Places for Dessert Lovers in Paris

9. Hipmunk Hotels: Places to Stay in North Carolina — Durham, Charlotte, Wilmington, Asheville and Chapel Hill

sunset road durham nc

Have an amazing May!


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