Drinking My Way Around Portland, Oregon

oregon brew fest portland5

My time in Portland, Oregon was great while it lasted. I spent about two and a half years surrounding this wonderful city and loved every moment of learning more about it and exploring it. Portland may be known for its craft beer scene, but to me all of their food and drink scene is absolutely outstanding. I had the pleasure of tasting a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks around the city. Check some of them out:

tedxportland run9

Complimentary Rogue Beer at the TEDx 6k Night Run.

porqueno portland20

Delicious horchata (Mexican rice drink) at Porque No? Taqueria.

edgefield winery6

Wine tasting at the McMenamins Edgefield Winery. Wonderful wine. Their Black Rabbit red is one of my favourites ever.

barista coffee portland2

Iced latte and espresso at Barista. Delicious. The place may be a tad pretentious, but the quality and taste of the coffee really makes up for it.

portland barbershop5

Complimentary shot at the barbershop. I was accompanying the hubby. What’s your pick?

oregon brew fest portland18

Caldera Toasted Coconut Chocolate Porter at the Brew Fest. This beer sounded like heaven yet it was strong and bitter.. something you would expect from a Porter, but I was definitely disappointed, don’t call something “coconut chocolate” if it’s not gonna taste like it. Please don’t lie to me.

oregon brew fest portland16

Also at the Brew Fest I tried this Cigar City Brewing Blood Orange/Dragon Fruit Florida Weisse. Pretty tasty. But my favourite one was the raspberry wheat (pictured at the top of the post).

We borrowed D's convertible VW bug to go get the part.

I borrowed this convertible vw bug from a friend and accompanied my drive with a Starbucks drink. Maybe not the most “Portland” choice.


Mango and lychee boba/pearl tea frappe at some food cart during summer.

portland deck

A nice afternoon on the balcony with a glass of riesling and a cupcake.

Indian street food at the Bollywood Theater restaurant, Portland, OR

Mango lassi! At the Bollywood Theater restaurant. I love mango lassi.

thirst portland

Some refreshing beers by the waterfront at Thirst.

veritable quandary portland brunch

Brunch mimosa at my favourite spot in Portland: Veritable Quandary.

veritable quandary portland brunch

Same as before, different angle. The wine is really good too.

oregon garden christmas10

This Glühwein (German mulled wine) wasn’t enjoyed in Portland, technically, but about an hour away at the Oregon Garden Christmas Market. I wanted to include it because it was a great moment.

Found this water bottle containing rain that was harvested in Oregon at the PDX airport.

Another one at Barista.

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Finally, a lovely macchiato (the way it’s supposed to be) at Coffee Division.

Which of these would you be dying to try?

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