Hiking The White Pine Lake Trail in Logan Canyon, Utah


Sometimes the best hikes are the unplanned ones. We didn’t know what we were going to do when we decided to drive to Tony Grove lake last weekend. We didn’t even know if it would be accesible because the last three times we tried it was blocked by snow. But we got there and found three trail options. We followed the White Pine Lake Trail and it was wonderful. One of the most beautiful and peaceful ones I’ve done (until I got hangry, that is).


The White Pine Lake trail is about a 7.8 mile hike roundtrip. I would describe it as easy/moderate but long with a steady incline almost the whole way. There was only a short patch of a steep incline about a mile before reaching the lake, but totally doable. The hike is gorgeous, with beautiful scenery of meadows, surrounding mountains, different kinds of trees, wildflowers, wildlife, patches of snow (until mid summer), and several bodies of river water that are fun to cross over.

DSC03211 DSC03252 DSC03374 DSC03450 DSC03482 DSC03505 DSC03512 DSC03298 DSC03314

I woke up grumpy that day. For no reason, and somehow I just could not shake it off. A few hours later and not until about 10 minutes into the hike did the grumpiness start to dissipate. We’ve all heard it, but nature can really be helpful to lift our moods. It certainly lifted mine, even though I’m a city girl.

It wasn’t until two hours into the hike that I started to get grumpy again but this time it was a different kind of grumpy, and later I realized it was the “hangry” kind. After taking a break and eating a snack and then getting back into the hike I felt better but I was still hungry, so I was hiking really fast on the way back so we could be eating as soon as possible.

DSC03523 DSC03570 DSC03581_2 DSC03599 DSC03608 DSC03358 DSC03366 DSC03630 DSC03636 DSC03517 DSC03352 DSC03558 DSC03644 DSC03649_2

Overall it was a wonderful hike. One of my favourites so far. I would definitely recommend it. It took us about 4 hours.


White Pine Lake Trail – Logan Canyon, Utah
Trail Number: 025
Trail Length: 3.8 miles one way
Difficulty: Moderate
Trailhead: Day use parking at Tony Grove Lake parking area. Overnight parking at the backcountry trailhead 1/4-mile below the campground. (GPS: N41°53′686″ W111°33′535″)
Elevation Start/Gain: 8000 feet/760 feet
Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.


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