55 Best Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

mumbai weekend getaways

Do you live in Mumbai or are you just visiting and you’re looking for a weekend getaway to explore a new place? Sometimes we need a break from the big city and there are many options near and around Mumbai to go visit with all kinds of activities and sceneries including stunning waterfalls, staying in tree houses, trekking up amazing hills, or even having fun at adventure parks for the adrenaline junkies.

The infographic below gives you 55 options, so there’s no excuse to go find a new place to explore and find a weekend getaway that will give you the break you’re looking for and deserve.

Best Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

(Infographic by the team at ZaraHutke.in)

To read details about every single one of the 55 getaways like the exact location, the best time to visit, and what you can do there, head over to ZaraHutke.

How many of these places have you visited?


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