Sports Around The World

whistler canada snow

I’m not that passionate about sports, but I like them and have a pretty long history with them. I’ve had great moments gathering at friends’ homes to watch Mexico play during the World Cup, and watching Germany play at an outdoor place in Berlin during the Euro Cup with one of my best friends ever, and watching the summer and winter Olympics and wishing I was doing some of those sports like horseback riding or figure skating but completely forgetting about it after a few weeks…

And watching NFL games while screaming at the TV with family as well as attending my brother’s football games when I was young, which was fun and horrible. I remember having lots of fun gathering rocks to put them in cans and making noise with them to cheer on him, and I also remember one time freezing my ass off during a game.

I also attended a classic live baseball game in America, which to be honest, wasn’t the funnest thing I’ve ever done. Baseball is not in my DNA. Who decided to make games 9 frickin’ innings long?

So I guess sports definitely do bring people together, but they also cause rivalry.

I’ve tried my hand (and foot) at sports throughout my young life. I played some tennis, quit after a year, I also played soccer and quit after a year. I wasn’t good at either. I attended summer camp several years in a row and tried basketball, swimming, and softball. Not very good at any of those either. I’ll admittedly tell you now that at the time I thought I was good at both soccer and basketball. Sitting on the bench with my uniform on for the whole duration of the soccer game should’ve been a clue. It’s called denial.

Dance is more in my DNA. I’m good at that. Oh and skiing, I love skiing.

Is archery a sport? Cause I did that too for a couple months during one summer, and I was quite good at it. They even picked me and a friend to compete against the boys, whom used compound bows; we had traditional bows. Who in the world thought that was a fair competition? They slaughtered us.

Enough text, let’s move on to my sports-related photos from around the world:


Watching a soccer game in Berlin, Germany.

Friday Night Auction taxidermy

Hunting results. (Note I have never and would never go hunting.)

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy was used for gladiatorial contests.

Neuse River

Kayaking in the Neuse River in North Carolina.

cancun pool mexico

Clearly not doing it as a sport here, but swimming is a sport. (Cancun, Mexico)

Aerial Silks

Possibly more of a performing art than a sport, but one that requires great physical ability, aerial silks. 

A river beach

Sailing and boating on the Columbia River in Oregon.

croquet deer island manor3

Croquet in Deer Island, Oregon. Yes, it’s not just a game but a sport.

syncline winery washington9

Wine tasting in Washington. Sorry, is that not a sport? I missed the memo.


Biking in Mossyrock, Washington.

Skiing in Val D'Isere

Skiing in Val D’Isere, France.

oregon brew fest portland39

Riding a unicycle while playing the bagpipe. What, you’ve never heard of that sport? I guess it’s local to [weird] Portland, Oregon.

the dalles oregon rodeo25

Rodeo in The Dalles, Oregon.

mpr india volleyball3

Volleyball in India.

tedxportland run3

Running in downtown Portland, Oregon.


Hiking in Logan Canyon, Utah. (sport?)

Do you like sports? Do you do sports? Which are you favourite?

4 thoughts on “Sports Around The World

  1. I’m no good at any sport. Terrible. Played lots, at least gave them a shot. Skateboarding has been the only one that stuck. I love skateboarding, and love to watch competitions. But that’s about it. World cup? Nope, not a single game. Super bowl? Heck no.


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