Around The World In 20 National Spirits

world spirits

Spirits come in all different shapes and tastes and they are many countries that have their signature spirit. Take the more commonly known ones like in Mexico and its made-from-agave tequila, Russia with their beloved made-from-potatoes vodka, and Barbados with their made-from-sugar rum

But there are some very interesting sources for some other spirits. For example, did you know that gin, Britain’s favourite, usually served with tonic water and lemon, is made from juniper berries? And arrack, Sri Lanka’s national spirit, is made from coconut palm and often served in a coconut shell with coconut water or ginger ale. And what do you think Switzerland’s absinthe is made from? Wormwood! Which is a plant. Take it easy on the absinthe though, or you’ll start doing knife tricks like Ernest Hemingway.

Check out the infographic below to learn about more interesting spirits across the world.

around the world spirits

Around the world in 20 National Spirits [Infographic] by the team at Together Week

I’m a gin and tonic kind of girl. What’s your poison? 

6 thoughts on “Around The World In 20 National Spirits

  1. I don’t know if it’s a national spirit, but soju is definitely the drink of South Korea, since it’s cheap, locally made, and everywhere. It’s a bit like watered down vodka. Personally, I’m a fan of anything that’s fruity/beachy (Margaritas, Pina Coladas). Or, cinnamon whisky.

  2. If I’m at a cocktail bar, I’ll generally have a Moscow Mule, or perhaps a White Russian; but a few months back, my best friend introduced me to gin & tonics, and it kind of all I drink now. Mainly cause they’re simple. It used to be rare when I’d walk into a bar (like the jokes…) and order a White Russian and actually be satisfied with it. I guess it’s kinda easy to screw those up; but with gin & tonic, what’s there to mess up? It’s refreshing and it’s good; and if you have a small herbal garden with mint (like I do), you can add that little extra pinch of natural freshness.

    1. You and I have similar tastes in drinks. The last time I ordered a white russian was in India of all places haha. I love trying new cocktails but I do find the gin & tonic to always be satisfying, it’s so simple yet perfect. And I absolutely love that you have an herbal garden, that bit of freshness totally would add to the drink. Both mint and basil sound great to me. Also a spring of lavender. 🙂

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